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Draft – Foundational Physics

As I wrote in this post, I’m studying and experimenting with science informed by many thinkers, scientists and disciplines, and attempting to cohere what I find, learn and understand here.

This is my preliminary attempt at a foundational physics statement that integrates all I am learning into one unified theory.

I recommend you read it like a movie: just scan the words and let the text wash over you, like art.

(You can see pictures of the geometry here.)

Let your subconscious do the work rather than “trying to understand it” (although some will actually cognitively understand it).

If you do understand some or all of the physics references I write about here, and especially if you are adept at higher math and physics math (trig, wave functions, etc.), I’d love to talk and possibly collaborate; I’d love to see this draft integrate the actual mathematics, and while I have leads and know where to look, I don’t have the full mathematics skill yet so I could use some help.

You can email me at mayagayam at gmail.


Space, comprised of active consciousness (historically referred to as aether), is a non-empty field of vibration and activity, whose activities tends to cohere, under the influence of rhythmic vibrations consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, into ordered bodies aligning along a predictable grid lattice framework revealed by the geometry of the cube octahedron, tetrahedron, and the subsequent two-frequency geometry revealed in the 64-cubeoctahedron, also known as the Tantric Terra Prana Star, known in its 2-D form as the Sri Yantra.  

Coherence originates in the form of waves, spin / spiral and subsequent apparent toroidal and resulting spherical forms that appear at our scale of observation to be solid holonic forms (atoms, photons, phonons, particles, planets, galaxies, etc.).  However we know form to be an illusion of solidity, as we know the atom is not truly solid, nor is a galaxy a solid holon even though a picture of the galaxy might demonstrate an identifiable area of coherent activity.  

Under the influence of vibration consonant with Phi, pi and sacred geometry, basic spin and toroidal architecture dynamics cohere in predictable geometric patterns and frequencies revealed by the icosahedron, vesica pisces, and subsequently the geometry of a 2-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Seed of Life and the 3-frequency geometry (called what?) whose 2-D form is called the Flower of Life.  

All elements are made of the same fabric of space / active consciousness, cohered into varying combinations of spin and charge.  

Charge is our way of referring to various bi-polar, bi-directional field dynamics emerging from spin. Charge dynamics are properties of spin in the same way a north and south axis is an emergent property of the spin of a gyroscope.

All forms in spin carry at least four dimensional properties, which we observe as spin effects, each with a bi-polar manifestation (charges). These four dimensional properties and the related observable effects are most observable to us at 90-degree angles from each other; two in transverse wave effects and two in longitudinal wave effects.  

These four dimensional effects/properties are:

  • The Magnetic Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently toward and apparently away from, or gravity and antigravity/lift). The magnetic effect is actually made up of one activity – push – in dual directions with a neutral zone between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which effect is dominant, we refer to as North, South or neutral magnetic charge (poles). We can also consider this the property of height, the x-axis.
  • The Electrical Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently positive or negative charge). The electrical effect is actually made up of one activity (thrust) in dual directions (spin up / spin down) with a neutral state (transition zone) between them, occurring in transverse wave/spiral/toroidal coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we refer to as positive, negative or neutral charge. We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to the magnetic N/S, in other words, by way of east and west. We also call this width/breadth, the y-axis.
  • We notice electricity and magnetism most visible at 90-degrees to each other because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the transverse wave dynamic (current).

  • The Scalar Effect (which manifests as apparently dual/bipolar activities of apparently inward or outward impact). The scalar effect is actually made up of one activity (impact) with a neutral center between forward/back oscillations, which occur in longitudinal wave/spiral coherences which, depending on which activity is dominant, we call outward or inward impact. Sound is related to the scalar effect. We also refer to this dimension property as depth, or the z-axis.
  • The Time Effect (which manifests as apparently dual activities of apparently before and after). The time effect is actually made up of one neutral activity, Now/infinite, with an apparent bidirectional past and future, which occurs in longitudinal wave/cyclical/spiral spin coherences which, depending on the focal point in reference, we call before and after or cause and effect.
  • We notice time effects from scalar wave experiments because they are actually complementary and counterbalancing twins of the longitudinal wave dynamic (shock wave).

Any equations attempting to describe fundamental physics while omitting one or more of these dimensions is inherently incomplete and flawed at best, misleading at worst.  

There are other properties/effects belonging to local coherent bodies, such as temperature.

There are other environmentally-related properties as well, including (speed of rotation) and (speed of) revolution, which are inversely proportional to each other, and can be predicted and calculated in relationship to distance.

Energy is the manifest result of these dynamic effects.  

Mass is merely the perceptive illusion of solidity comprised of complex coherences of these 4 effects.

Each local coherence/body (apparent mass) expresses in predictable, apparently finite gradients determined by the cumulative effect of its coherence and its interaction with neighboring activities, but whose scalar dimension communicates its information instantly and infinitely through time.

A complete understanding of these fundamental topics, as is now emerging, allows for predictable and replicable frequency-based manipulation of formerly impossible topics such as anti-gravity/levitation, matter transformation, matter transmutation, local element generation and free energy (where free energy is defined by work performed by scalar wave dynamics previously unknown to the mainstream, but studied under such labels as zero point, dark energy, energy from the vacuum, etc.).

Furthermore, mastery of these fundamental physics reveals great power relative to spiritual, personal, interpersonal, and creative topics. Thoughts are things, specifically, vibrational things with the same properties of all wave forms (coherence or lack thereof, magnetic effect or repulsion, polarity where others may take opposite positions, communicative impact – scalar – effects or lack thereof, and relationship to sequence and time).

Where we are geometrically (Phi) consonant emergent properties of the rhythmic “thinking” of consciousness, we are given free will in that we have the capacity to choose to create out of what is not consonant with the perfection and order of sacred geometry, so that we may enjoy the fullness of Experience in all its permutations, informing consciousness itself, before we dissolve again into the fabric of Great Order. In this we are organs of Creation, perceiving experience and digesting it for use by the morphogenic field.

More spectacularly, we are truly hands of the Creator, in that we are capable of thought and emotion, and all thought and emotion are comprised of vibration, and all vibration impacts the field.

For example, emotions consonant with sacred geometry include love, bliss, and gratitude/appreciation. Meditation and resolving pain are acts that allow these natural emotional and subtle states to arise in us. Research shows that actions and creation performed from these resonant frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life’s harmony and thriving.

Emotions inconsonant with sacred geometry include distain, disrespect and loathing. These are most often the product of unresolved pain and related anger, which pinches us off from the other more normally dominant states (children are not born disdainful, cynical or angry). Research shows that actions and creation performed from these disrupted frequencies influence the environment in ways that contribute to life being unbalanced, in disharmony, distorted, disrupted, or terminated.

Ultimately, our understanding of whole physics can seed a population tangibly informed as to how our choices as Creators impact and contribute to the reality we experience.

With this conscious awareness, we are empowered with the Divine opportunity, and choice, to partner with Creation itself.


Common Threads in New Science

What you’re about to read are topics I have gathered from my research and studies – and found in common – among many mainstream scientists, military experts, thinkers, and lineages including: quantum physics, string theory, Cymatics, Steven Hawking, Electric Universe theory, Marco Rodin, Ed Leedskalnin, Nassim Haramein, John Hutchinson, Tesla, Paul LaViolette, Walter Russell, rexresearch, “free energy” builds, Dr. Thomas Valone, pre-Sumerian history and ancient texts like the Book of Enoch and The Kybalion, the Qabala, sacred geometry, Viktor Grebennikov, Royal Rife, plasma physics and most recently Rupert Sheldrake, Viktor Schauberger, M.T. Keshe and Tom Bearden. (Note: 2014 I’ve added Keppe Motors and David Yurth’s work to my studies, as well as the speakers from the Breakthrough Energy Movement gatherings – BEM – in Colorado.)

1. The universe is not an empty “vacuum” as we previously thought.

Activity is happening beneath our current scale of observation, but that we are now beginning to discover. Actually the universe is more like a frothing ocean of furiously bubbling activity. That furiously bubbling activity often spins together into coherences that we recognize just as water spins together to make whirlpools or air spins together to make tornados. Coherent activities we witness at our scale include sound, light, other subatomic particles, atoms, and then more complex coherences such as particles and elements. Elements cluster together to form increasing complex stellar bodies; stellar bodies spin and whirl together into cosmic phenomena such as galaxies and quasars. Like breath, where the inhale is the spin bringing a coherence together, the exhale of the universe is dissolution, radiation, expansion, disappearing to our observation. End the spinning and the whirlpool dissipates back into the greater body. Electrons appear and disappear, previously coherent suns ultimately dissolve back into the Source. What we perceive as ‘solid’, in fact all bodies we can perceive at our scale, are made up of the stuff of cosmic ocean in the same way a whirlpool is made up of the body of water it resides in. This cosmic ocean stuff is referred to by many names: aether, zero point, plasma, ain, etc. Think about Einstein’s reference to the “fabric” of spacetime. What stuff is that “fabric” made of?

2. To understand new science, start thinking in terms of vibration, spin, polarity, waves and donuts.

Vibration, spin, polarity and the resulting toroid and wave dynamics happening within this cosmic ocean stuff (plasma, aether, zero point, etc.) are at the heart of the new emerging scientific awakening.

3. There are things that operate (at least 10 times) faster than the speed of light, and now we’re beginning to discover them.

By evidence of this: we only observe light when it comes into contact with some other coherent matter which slows it down (R.L. Poole). Light is the result of coherent plasma in friction with its surrounding environment of coherences (like atmosphere or air) (M.T. Keshe). This is why space looks dark, and not full of light. We know the size of our expanding universe; when you calculate the speed needed for “the fabric” of space to have expanded to that distance, it calculates to about 10 times the speed of light. Something is able to travel faster than light, or our known universe would be about 10 times smaller.

4. Gravity is the same activity as magnetism, only in its reverse polarity.

(Leedskalnin, Russell, Keshe, Bearden). While it’s useful to talk about gravity as a unique phenomena, remove magnetic polarity (and spin) and you remove the phenomena; there is no stand-alone gravitational force. Gravity depends on magnetism. Gravity is to magnetism what East is to West, or negative electricity charges (ions) are to positive charges (anions). Imagine a city, where all of the cars from the suburbs cohere during work hours. If you were a giant watching the cars, you might think that space time had bent and that all the cars were gravitated to the center, when in reality each car is simply moving forward to a destination matching the charge of the driver. At dinner time all of the cars will repel out of the city back toward the suburbs again, but again it’s still the forward motion of the cars in response to the charge of the driver. Likewise, coherent bodies only move forward (we call this magnetism). When they are moving forward toward each other we name the behavior “gravity”, and when the cars are going away from each other we call the repulsion force “magnetism”.

5. All coherent bodies are “magnets”.

From sub-atomic particles to the largest cosmic bodies – are coherent bodies all “magnetic” in nature (which is to say that they each carry at least three positive/negative charge polarity dynamic, made up of smaller coherences also with at least three charge polarity dynamics). Leedskalnin called the smallest coherences “magnetons”. Keshe refers to three sub-coherences of plasma (the primary whole coherence) as, “matter, dark matter, and antimatter”. Science has now successfully produced “wood magnets” and “plastic magnets”, where the particles are aligned within the substance in such a way that it attracts and repels like substances just like a magnet does. Give yourself the right electr-omagnetic-scalar charges, and you would float like helium. (Hutchinson Effect)

6. Wave dynamics can reliably be used to experiment with, and manipulate, other wave dynamics.

Strike a nail (Leedskalnin) or certain salts (Steven DuFresne) and you will produce electromagnetic effects. Use sound to resonate atoms at correct frequencies and you produce either levitation or liquification of solid matter (Hutchinson Effect). See also, acoustic levitation and cymatics; in both cases sound is used to manipulate “solid” matter (complex combinations of spin, wave, and vorticular dynamics).

10/11/12 – I’ll update this post with additional items as I continue my studies and experiments and crystalize more common threads.

10/26/12 – I’ve added a new post, titled Draft – Foundational Physics, that adds to this list and that I may break into parts for mainstream readers later.


10 Areas for Holistic Life Improvement

Today I answered a question from someone about Homeopathy and Holistic Living.

Then it occurred to me that this may help someone else too.

So I share my reply with you.  I hope you find it helpful!

With loving blessings,


Well darling Finally here I am – ready to start to answer your question about Homeopathy.

Did you know that I’m trained 23+ years in Homeopathy, Holistic Healing and life improvement methods?

Part of what kept me from replying sooner, is that there’ are so many ways to get healing and relief that I didn’t know where to start for you!

So here’s a start. Tell me what you think and I’ll give you more as we talk over multiple emails. Ok?

Ok the first step is for you to understand more fully who you are. You, your life and your body are like a car – there are lots of systems. If you put gas in your car but ignore the tires, eventually they will fail.

You, your life and your body are the same way. You can “take something” homeopathic (a homeopathic remedy, for example). But if you ignore the other systems your life, situations won’t change. In fact they may even get worse.

So here are 10 areas for you to think about.

Each one is important. The best idea is to melt the ice cube from all sides, but you need to start somewhere.

Look over these 7 areas and then tell me what you think about my questions below.

1. Mind – if you want your life to change, your thoughts have to change. If you want things to get better, your mental habits have to get better. A great example of this is negative self-talk. “I’m worthless, things will never work out.” Many kinds of mental habits are unconsciously self-sabataging. There are many ways I can support you to improve your mental habits.

2. Body – We are chemical and electrical. If you want your mood to improve, correct nutrition and body care make a huge difference. Here’s an example. Did you know that some depression can be traced back to a Vitamin D deficiency? We get that from sunlight, but if we don’t get enough, we feel lethargic and sad. There are many nutrients that, if you’re deficient, will impact your energy, mood and attitude. Did you know that too much estrogen can make you moody and short tempered? There are many things I could tell you about homeopathic remedies for the physical body and how supplements can change your life.

3. Spirit – You are not just a personality. You are a divine spark of God’s light in a physical body. The more we human beings wake up to our transpersonal experience, the less we suffer. There is much I can share with you about exploring the experience of your spirituality and your transpersonal Self so that you suffer less.

4. Heart – Whatever pain is not resolved, recycles. “He did this to me, she did that to me.” All of those stories are pain that never got released, resolved and healed. I have spent much of my life doing release work and helping other people do releasework. Emotional stories that play over and over can be permanently resolved in 90 minutes or less.  Emotional triggers can be resolved in as little as 3 breaths.  On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to focus on our joy when we are carrying the weight of a lifetime of pain and frustration on our shoulders. The more you resolve and release, the freer you will be to find peace.

5. Gut – How good are you at replacing blame with non-violent expressions of your core values and needs? How good are you at making clear, doable requests to feed those needs? How good are you at feeding your own needs when others cannot? While name-calling, finger-pointing and blaming others can feel satisfying, it does not solve a thing. If you want to find more peace and joy in your life, it’s vital that you get better at naming your feelings, needs and requests to meet your needs.

6. Action – Nothing changes until you take personal responsibility for change and take action. How good are you at making measurable goals to have the kind of life you want? How good are you at finding multiple strategies to meet your needs and goals? How good are you at doing things to care for yourself instead of blaming others for your misery? There are many ways I help people learn how to coach themselves toward a better life.

7. Interaction and Your Environment – Here’s where other people and the greater world around you come into play. You told me you want to make choices in your environment to help you find peace. That’s great. When our relationships are dramatic, traumatic and full of upheaval, we feel unsettled, anxious and upset. Addressing relationship issues, resolving them or choosing out of them can often make or break your joy. Sometimes it’s best to fight for resolution. Sometimes it’s best to get out of pain’s way. But if you don’t resolve your environment issues, you will continue to find upheaval every day you spend with those situations.

8. Lower Self – What unconscious factors contribute to your unhappy experience?  What shadow work is begging to be done, revealing itself in the face of your frustrations and discontents?  What we resist, persists; by integrating shadow aspects we not only find increased peace with ourselves, we find increased peace, clarity, and right action with the world around us.  Each bit of shadow, ignored, saps a part of our energy.  By revealing and integrating the gift of the shadow, we reclaim psychological and physical resources we often never even imagine possible.

9. Middle Self – What narratives do you hold relative to reality?  Where are your circles of concern, and how do you relate to them?  To what degree do you experience the multi-dimensional being that you are?  While most of us are utterly preoccupied with work and survival, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to escape the hamster wheel of overwork, beta-brain monkey mind chatter, fear-focus and jitters that modern society tends to encourage.  Deepening your active attention to your multi-dimensional self can yield a gentler, simpler and more rewarding life experience.

10. Higher Self – Who are you, most deeply?  Who are you beyond this lifetime?  Even if you don’t believe in life-after-death or souls or reincarnation, nonetheless there is a part of your lifetime that effects the lives that will remain after you die.  Trash you throw away will sit in landfills for generations.  What aspects of your day-to-day practice reflect your experience of your Highest Self and the long-body of Human Being?  What day-to-day practices do you cultivate to connect to and hear your Highest Self and that Inner Guidance each of us has available to us?  What practices do you share in communion with others to cultivate and express the voice of Highest Self?  Exploring this area not only enriches our lives, it can help us find light in very dark moments.

You may or may not find the peace and relief you want by doing just one or two things in one or two areas. You may need to pay attention and attend to things in many areas of the system that you are.  You may even need a system overhaul, and that takes commitment. It’s not easy. And sometimes it can be horribly uncomfortable and downright painful, like trying to do a yoga stretch you’ve never done before. But I can tell you from personal experience, it’s worth it. At the other side you get to enjoy more peace, joy and more fulfillment than you ever imagined possible.

So now the question is:

What would you most like from me next?

I can work with you to cultivate and explore these 10 areas to help you find the life-changing results that you want.  Or you can choose to go somewhere else entirely.  You have all the choice in the world.

What would you most like next, love?


Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable (and how to fix them)

To understand the Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable (and how to fix them), it helps if you understand the reality of who you are.

Who are you?

You are more than mind, body, spirit.

You also have actions, that arise out of your beliefs that come from your satisfied or unsatisfied emotions, that are stimulated when your core values that are either met or not met.

You are also inseparably entwined with an interdependent environment, that also interacts with and shapes you.

Let’s consider these aspects the other direction.

When you interact with your environment, your core values may be fed, or not fed.  When they are fed, you feel delight, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace; you feel joy.  When your core values are not met and fed, you feel frustrated, unsettled, upset; you feel pain.

Pain is uncomfortable.  So when we feel pain we are moved to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.  We form stories, beliefs, and assessments about the cause of the problem, and who or what is to blame.  We try to figure out ways to stop the pain from happening again.

Once we’ve formed a belief or story about the cause of our pain, we then formulate steps to stop the pain from continuing.  We take action, interacting with our internal or external environment, to protect ourselves from pain.

You are more than just mind, body, spirit.  The Landscape of You includes 7 Aspects – mind, body, spirit, heart (emotions), gut (core values), action and environment (interaction).  When you understand The Landscape of You, you can more easily recognize, fix and avoid common daily pitfalls.

How does this change your specific day-to-day choices?

Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable
(and how to correct them)

1.  You used to believe your emotions or pain are caused by someone or something outside you. That’s a mistake and it disempowers you.  What’s real is that your emotions are like the grumble in your stomach when you’re hungry – they are simply signals pointing out, “HEY, some core value in you is hungry!”  Your job is get really good at quickly noticing WHICH core value(s) is/are needing to be fed.  Your emotional stomach isn’t grumbling because it’s someone else’s fault.  Your emotional stomach is grumbling because some core value in YOU needs attending to.

To correct this mistake, practice noticing EVERY SINGLE moment you are triggered (upset, frustrated, or judging someone).  In that moment, STOP, take two breaths, and ask yourself, “Which one of MY core values is wanting attention here?”

When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  Likewise, when you get good at noticing and feeding your core values, your emotional stomach will grumble far less.

PRACTICE: Pick any situation that irritates you.  What are you most deeply yearning for in that situation?  What core value in YOU, about YOU, is revealed by your emotion?  Name 3 core values that may be stimulating your irritation.  (For a list of core values, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Gut Aspect – Core Needs”.)

2.  You’ve not been very good at caring for your underlying core values and needs. When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  If you don’t, you get sick, then you starve, then you die.  Most people are suffering a kind of silent subtle body starvation. They have underlying needs (core values) that are not getting fed, and have not been fed for a very long time, which creates huge wells of pain, confusion, and compensatory behavior.  They make up beliefs about why they’re not fed, which contributes to more not getting fed.  Dorothy is exhausted (not doing a good job feeding her need for rest cared for), so she figures her kids are a pain in the neck and she blows up at them.  Dean desperately needs to be seen, understood, and appreciated; he blames his wife for not appreciating him.  Blaming his wife, he feels powerless on top of feeling unappreciated.  To numb his pain, he drinks.  He’s thinking of getting a divorce.

Ultimately, the buck stops with you.  When you die, you die alone.  No one else is responsible for making you happy.  You are responsible for asking for what you need until you get it.  You are responsible for learning how to make better requests that actually work and get your needs fed.  Your job is to learn ways to attend to your needs EVEN IF your requests of OTHERS don’t work.

When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  As a child you learn how to make requests that get you what you need.  Then you learn how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by yourself.

When you learn to cultivate the habit of effectively asking for what you need, you’ll be more satisfied more often.

PRACTICE: Pick one core value that is upset or going unmet in you.  What specific, doable request can you make of yourself or of others that would feed that need a little bit, right now, in 10 minutes or less?  (For more on Powerful Requests, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Powerful Requests”.)

3. You historically made requests that aren’t doable. Most of us are horrible at making specific, doable requests.  “I’m cold,” is not a request.  A specific, doable request might be, “Would you pass me that sweater?”  “Stop interrupting me,” is not a do-able request; what is it you DO want done, right now?  A doable request might be, “Please wait 2 more minutes before you speak again.”   “I need you to listen to me,” is not a do-able request.  How do you confirm if the person is or is not listening?  A doable request might be, “Could you tell me back what you understand I’m upset about?”

Some of us are triggered by just the thought of making a specific, doable request.  The sooner you free yourself from your self-imposed limitations and get good at specific, doable requests, the sooner you will softly and easily be able to ask for – and get – what you need.

PRACTICE: Look at the requests you wrote in the last practice.  Are they specific actions that can be done right now?  Can they be completed in 10 minutes or less?  Do they show what you DO want, instead of what you DON’T want?  Once you’ve come up with ONE specific, doable request, imagine it goes undone.  Write 2 more alternate requests you can make of yourself or others so that you DO get your core value attended to no matter what. (For more on Powerful Requests, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Powerful Requests”.)

Understanding The Landscape of You empowers you.  When you realize your emotions arise out of your own unmet needs, you are free, you are no longer a victim to your surroundings.  When you realize how to take powerful action that generates results, you get your needs met and your core values attended to.  (For more on The Landscape of You, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Who Are You? The Landscape”.)

You now have a clear path toward your own fulfillment.

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Our Still-and-Vibrating Universe

In this post I said that I would make a central list of all of my posts related to this thing – whatever we’ll finally call it – that I call “vibrational dynamics”. Some call it “new physics”, some call it “zero point”, some call it “wave science”, whatever works!

Soon I’ll be uploading basic points to understand it.

And you need NO experience, technical knowledge, or math skills to use it.

The subject interests me because when you understand it, you understand Nature, how Creation happens and how our universe works.  Just like the era when we all taught and “knew” that the world was flat, while physicists have known better for generations, no one teaches this yet in schools or in mainstream science.

When you do get it, however , you have access to “miracles” like:

  • speed-healing and tools (physical and psychic)
  • understanding your true nature and how to live your Soul Song most effortlessly
  • the power to Create as Creator (some call this “deliberate creation”, I call it “alchemy”)
  • unlimited free energy (power generation)
  • understanding anti-gravity and levitation technologies (locomotion!)
  • understanding telepathy, telekinesis, and other related phenomena
  • the “missing link” of mankind’s evolution, and how the Bible syncs with science
  • the truths behind world-wide myths and legends, and our real ancestry
  • the nature of “consciousness” and the collective unconscious
  • …and much more**.

If you think this sounds far-fetched, I trust you’ll go on ahead to find something more up your alley elsewhere.

For me, this is a powerful subject, and it yields great power.

It’s a part of my daily life – the left-brained complement to the right-brained aspects of my work in whole health (currently still called, “The Integrated Approach”).

I hope you will join (and you enjoy) the conversation as much as I do!

** Our distant cousins used this awareness to build the pyramids.  Long before the Egyptians, we watched the stars (ex: the Mayan calendar) because we once had this wisdom.  The ancients tried to pass the information along in the original communication we now call the QBL (Qabala, Qabalah, Kabbalah, Cabala).  Cities (now underwater) have been discovered around the world dating as old as 150,000 years – proof refuting the current mainstream story that mankind is only about 15,000 years old.  If we understood our true history and the true nature of things, there’d be obvious connection between the perspectives of the Evolutionists and the Creationists.  Like children playing with blocks trying to learn how to be architects, the US Military has been using blocks of this wisdom to actually create sonic weaponry, accidental electro-magnetic time-space anomalies, and aircraft meant to look like (and operate like) supposedly alien UFOs.  But I digress…  Back to the basics!

How to Get Free From Fear – 5 Practices

What are you afraid of?

Nothing, you say? Bologna, I say.

We all have some degree of conscious or unconscious fear impacting our lives.

How can you verify when fear is in the mix? Words like “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, and “won’t” often indicate unconscious fears. What topics, people or places do you avoid? Hesitation, procrastination or avoidance often indicate unconscious fears. Judgments also indicate unconscious fears. We’re always only doing love (opening, curious, being present and in joy) or we are doing fear (contracting, resisting, avoiding). If you’re in a moment where you’ve lost your sense of humor, your ability to appreciate, your open heart or your curiosity, or your eager joy, unconscious fear is very likely in the mix.

If there’s any area of your life where you’re not experiencing what you want to experience, odds are, fear is part of the picture. With fear, we are living a fraction of our highest potential and whole health. Without fear we are at full choice and powerful to generate the kinds of experience we want.

Here are 5 practices you can use in the moment to transform conscious or unconscious fears to freedom and powerful action.

1. So what, then what?

Sometimes, freeing yourself from fear comes when you look the paper tiger in the eye.  Here’s one way you can do that:

Name your worst case scenario. Imagine it in vivid detail. Really try on that coat, fully, and then ask, “If this happened, so what, then what?” Don’t think about an answer, wait to experience the answer in your body. When you get an answer, ask the question again, “If that happened, so what, then what?” Beware of any draw to change the subject, take a nap or “step out of the fire”; lean in to the experience as deeply as you can. If you stay on track and do the exercise sincerely enough, the explosion of opening and freedom at the end of the exploration will stun and amaze you.

2. Try SORTting It Out ™.

SORTting It Out(tm) is a practice I created that taps the wisdom of your mind, body, heart, gut (unconscious core values) and action to transform fear to powerful steps and fulfillment.

First, with your hand on your head, (S)ay whatever thoughts or fears you have about this issue. Second, (O)bserve the heart and the gut behind those thoughts. What is the emotion and the core value behind the voice of your mind?
When you find those, you’ll feel a shift of relief. Next, (R)elease the emotional charge of the fear so that all you’re left with is the power of your clarity about your core values. There are many ways to do release work, any one you know that actually produces “shift” for you (not emotional bypass) will do just fine. Next, (T)rack your shift. If you started at a 10 of fear and beliefs of “can’t, won’t or avoidance”, where are you now? Continue the SORT until you reach a 0 or 1 of fear or emotional charge. Finally (t)ake generative action. Ask yourself, what request can I make of myself or others that would contribute to feeding the core value(s) I just discovered? If you’re SORTting It Out ™ accurately, you will have a full shift into freedom and power in under 20 minutes, or in as little as three breaths.

3. Do a Focus Wheel.

A Focus Wheel is a visual way of exploring your fear that results in freedom and a shift of consciousness.

At the top of a blank peice of paper, write the end result that you want but fear. Maybe you’ll write, “I can talk to women with absolute ease,” or “I speak in public with absolute delight,” or “Asking for what I want is easy.” (You’ll find pictures  below.) You’ll know if you have a good opening statement when you can barely write it without feeling nauseous. Next, draw a circle in the center of the paper, large enough to write this phrase when you’re done. Then draw a long thin arc about 1 inch wide and two inches long, starting from the rim of the circle, going away from center two inches, then returning to the rim of the circle an inch from where you started. It’ll look like a flower petal.  Now, on the side of the arc that moves away from center, write the first fear or reaction you have to the opening statement.  Maybe your reaction is, “No I can’t, I never have been able to do that.”  Write it on the arc away from center.  Next, ask yourself, “What truth can I find within me that brings me back to center”?  Maybe you’ll realize that, “What’s also true is that I’ve accomplished anything I set my mind to.”  Whatever truth you have that brings you back to center, that helps you regain your sense of power, write that on the side of the arc that returns back to the center rim.  Now reflect on that truth for at least 90 seconds. Really feel it.  Next, draw another arc that goes away from center and back to center. Reread your opening statement, and write the next reaction you have on this new arc, on the side going away from center. Then find the truth that brings you back to center, and write that on the other side of the arc.  Let yourself feel that truth for 90 seconds.  Repeat this reaction-truth-sit cycle of drawing arcs and writing on them until you have no more reactions left when you read your opening statement.  Usually reactions run out in 7 tries, plus or minus two. You’ll know you did the exercise properly if you feel at ease and peace when you re-read your opening statement. When this happens, re-write your opening phrase, but this time write it in the center of the focus wheel.  You’re done!  Now you can then keep or safely burn the focus wheel – you’re free!

4. Deepen Your Needs Consciousness.

Deepening your needs consciousness is a practice is uncovering the core values behind core values behind core values. When you get to the root, you find a liberating peak experience that transforms your sense of Self, showing you the power that you most deeply are.

To do the exercise, first notice what you’re afraid of. Let’s say you’re afraid of marketing your products.  Ask yourself, “What core value am I trying to protect or care for in my fear?”  Maybe you’ll discover that what you most yearn for is confidence that people will like you after you tell them what you’re selling. The core value is “to be liked/loved”.  When you find the core value behind the fear, close your eyes and vividly imagine experiencing it for at least 20 seconds. If your core value is “to be loved”, then imagine yourself abundantly cherished and appreciated by a crowd of people surrounding you.  Whatever your core value, imagine it in detail and feel it.  After the 20 seconds or so, ask yourself, “If I got that, what would it bring me?” In this case, it’s, “If I were loved, what would that bring me?”  Find out what gift are you trying to give yourself, or others, by seeking the first core value.  Maybe you’ll discover, “If I’m loved, then it would give me opportunities to hang out with other people (play).”  Now that you have a 2nd core value, vividly imagine experiencing THIS one for at least 20 seconds. Continue this cycle of core value – what would it bring me – sit with the one you find, by asking “If I got THAT, what would it bring me?” and “If I got THAT, what would it bring me?” In each round, be sure to let your body FEEL the experience of having the core value fed. As you go, notice any shifts in your body posture, sensations, or breath. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you feel enormously open, powerful, and peaceful. Sit with that sensation for at least 90 seconds; you’ve now started to connect with your Highest Self.Keep going, is there something more?  If not, ask your Highest Self what it thinks about the thing you’re afraid of. If you’ve done the exercise properly, you should experience a surprising shift, experiencing a new part of you that is utterly free from fear.

5. Sit in the fire.

Here’s another way to “look the paper tiger in the eye”.  In this exercise you’ll sit THROUGH the discomfort of feeling fear, until the burning discomfort simply evaporates itself, leaving nothing left but a purified you who is free from that fear.

To do this exercise, name the thing you’re afraid of.  Maybe it’s a situation you’re afraid of.  Maybe it’s a kind of loss, or a kind of pain that you’re trying to avoid.  Often, fear is about resisting something, bracing to try desperately to avoid the situation.  Whatever it is, vividly imagine it, and feel the discomfort of the situation.  Really feel it.  If you feel it only at a 6-out-of-10 or less, then imagine more vivid detail until you feel it at a 9-out-of-10.  Stay with it.  Don’t go to sleep, don’t try to fix the problem, don’t try to escape it and don’t surrender into acceptance, just sit in the fire.  When the discomfort begins to lessen, find the next most distasteful or scary aspect.  Stay with it.  You may experience biochemical release of the toxins of fear – burping, crying, shaking, and yawning are examples of release that show you’re on track.  Stay with it.  Keep painting the picture that stimulates your fear.  If you do the practice successfully, in 20-90 minutes you will experience a radical shift.  Suddenly it will feel like the clouds have parted and the storm is gone.  Revisit the original topic that scared you.  How do you react to it now?  Clients who have done this practice successfully with a coach report shifts like, “Wow, that just doesn’t phase me anymore,” or simply shrug saying, “I know I started with that but it seems kind of silly to me now.”  On the other side of the fire of fear is a wide open, easy, spacious freedom.  Find it.

Not all of us can both follow the practice instructions AND go deep in the work.  If you need, hire a coach who will hold the process for you and help you stay on track.

When you complete any one of these practices, do gentle movement like stretching or take a short walk, and be sure to drink at least 20 ounces of water within 20 minutes.  This helps the body to metabolize the biochemistry that was stimulated and flush it out of your system.

Do any of these practices once a week.  It will increase your freedom, power, choice and peace of mind.

Here’s one final (bonus) tip on freeing yourself from fear:

Sometimes fear comes out of speculating what will or won’t happen.  Enjoy cultivating curiosity. Beware of thinking you “already know all about it”. Maybe there’s a nuance or opportunity you do NOT know about. Tell yourself, “Maybe it’s possible that I don’t yet know what I don’t know,” or “It’s possible that there’s something I am not aware of that WOULD work.” Explore.

And be free.

To overcome fear in your life, or to get help using one of these practices, call 1.877.535.5438 (Mon-Thurs, 12pmET to 4pmET).

Among the other areas of professional, spiritual and personal development, Maya Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, families, parents, leaders and professionals on whole health and increased freedom. Get measurable results! For more information, or for help to get the kind of life experiences that you most deeply want, call to schedule a Free 1-Hour Consultation – 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 12pmET-4pmET.


10 Essentials For Whole Health

If you think about health only in terms of mind, body and spirit, you’re missing vital areas of the whole that is you. Worse, you’re missing opportunities for a healthier family, healthier relationships, communities, and more.

Below you’ll find a brief introduction to exploring 10 aspects of you that are absolutely vital if you want to experience more health.

Use these 10 Essentials For Whole Health to:

  • Maximize your health, healing and growth by paying attention to the entire system of who you are, not just one or two areas
  • Recognize and attend to contributing factors to get the measurable results that you want
  • Customize (tailor) your practices to your most effective health, healing and growth opportunities.

What are the 10 Keys to Whole Health?

10 Aspects of Whole Health

1. Mind – The Mental – We all know that our beliefs can make or break us. Thoughts become things; our beliefs affect our actions. Our mental chatter can be destructive, like an inner critic, or productive, like an inner supporter. You may know that it’s important to reach for a healthy mind, but what practices do you use to do that? One key practice for a wholly healthy mind: focus attention on what you actually observe, rather than just what you think, speculate, believe, or assess.  Another: cultivate conversation about the yearning you do want, and find the yearning (of what you do want) behind the things you notice you don’t want.

2. Body – The Physical – We often talk about diet and exercise. But are you aware of what it takes to have a wholly healthy body? Calm, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance all depend on each other to give us a fully resilient body. Are you working on growing in all five areas? One key practice for a wholly healthy body: consider Functional Medicine as a complement to your normal daily vitamins and your regular visits to your allopathic family doctors.

3. Spirit – The Causal – Have you ever had a peak experience where you suddenly experienced absolute, pure equanimity, resourcefulness and peace, utterly unlike your normal state of mind? If not, it’s time to meet your infinitely powerful, infinitely capable transpersonal Self. Key practices for a wholly healthy relationship to your Spiritual body abound. Try a simple walk in nature and see if you can feel your connection to the All and Everything that is bigger than just you. Or try a Big Mind or meditation practice that takes you into the experience of the Higher Self. Build a daily relationship to this part of you, and you build a path to ease, power and Grace beyond imagination.

4. Heart – The Emotional and The Subtle Body – The heart isn’t just about feelings. Did you know your body is not only physical, but also made up of energy centers? Science has measured a toroidal field of energy radiating from the heart as well as from the brain.  For a wholly healthy body, consider adding energy work like tai chi, qi gong, reiki, core energetics or cranial sacral work to your monthly massage schedule. Another key practice for a wholly healthy emotional body: increase your emotional intelligence. What core values give rise to which emotions?  Where does each emotion show up as a sensation in your physical body? Practice some form of daily “release work” that helps you quickly to attend to, instead of bypassing, conscious and unconscious emotional charge. More key practices for a wholly healthy emotional body: daily gratitude, appreciation, celebration and play.

5. Gut – The Core Values – We all have stories, beliefs, assessments and judgments. To find the power behind them, look for the core values they are trying to reveal. What are the innocent, benevolent, universal needs behind them? What are the deep yearnings, or the gift you’re trying to give yourself or others? Respond to and strategize only to feed core values, and you respond from a wholly healthy gut. One key practice for a wholly healthy gut: ask yourself, “If I got the perfect scenario I want, what would it bring me?” When you get an answer, ask the question again, “If I get that, what will it bring me?”. Eventually you’ll get to the core values. Prioritize actions that feed those.

6. Action – The Behavioral – You are not fully you until you can express yourself and what you want in practical, rubber-to-the-road ways. What does it take to have a wholly healthy body of action? Key practices include: setting measurable goals, making iterative steps toward your goals, and making doable requests in the ‘now’ to help you fulfill your core values. Make your strategies immediate, with short chains of action to get to the need being fed. If you’re not experiencing what you want in your life, work or relationships, you could probably use some help improving your “effective action” body.

7. Environment – The Interactive – No one is an island; you impact and are impacted by your friends, family, society and more. For a wholly healthy environment, look at your relationship to your physical and social environments. One key practice for a wholly healthy environment: dialogue. You may be able to voice your thoughts and concerns, but do you also remember to ask about and integrate concerns around you?

8. Higher Self Work – More Power – Make your Best, highest Self a part of your daily life. When you do, you’ll more easily overcome any issues, problems, or obstacles you face. One key practice for powerful Higher Self work: Appreciative Inquiry. Where have you succeeded before? How could that apply to what you want now? Another fun Higher Self practice: cultivate the rain dance of vividly experiencing the joyful, fulfilling experience you want, in as deeply vivid 5-senses detail as you can possibly imagine, right now, for a multiple of 17 seconds.  Just as your gentle finger on a vibrating wine glass can make it sing, watch the surprising synchronicities and “miracles” that happen when you combine vivid imagination, intense yearning, right action, Self-trust and integration of incoherences. How fast can you turn desire into reality.

9. Lower Self Work – More Release – Fear, pain, trauma, shadow, judgments and contractions all consume energy. Aspiring for health or growth is like an inhale. If you don’t exhale fear, pain, trauma, shadow, judgments and contractions, eventually your body will break down. Give care to your conscious and unconscious shadow aspects, and you not only free up subtle and emotional resources for what you really want, you also create powerful internal alignment. Three key practices for Lower Self work: SORTTing It Out(tm), 3-Column Release Work, or Crane’s Release Technique.

10. Middle Self Work – More Effective Habits – If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Do you practice connection to your multi-dimensional Self?  Do you exercise the truth that You are the creator of your experience. If you’re not getting the experience or outcomes you want, find out what you’re doing (or not doing) that contribute to that. One key practice for Middle Self work: ask, “How might I be contributing to this experience?” Or ask, “In what unconscious ways might I be trying to care for myself or others by choosing this experience I don’t want?” Another key practice: hire an integrated coach who can see perspectives and recognize practices you may not be aware of. 😉

When you cultivate practice in these 10 Essentials for Whole Health, you have a system of “what” and “how” to turn any opportunity into a fully thriving reality.

Maya Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, therapists, community leaders and professionals on whole health and wellness. Get measurable results! For more information, or for help to get outcomes you want, email mayagailtaylor at gmail dot com or call 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 1pmET-4pmET.

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