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Practicing – The Love of Fear

Extracted from my personal journal – unedited….

See also my post on 5 Ways To Get Free From Fear.

While most of my adult life’s practice has included leaning into fear, that’s been with the intent to eradicate it.

In this set of notes, it’s not about eradicating fear, but about embracing it, embodying it as Sacred Theater, and allowing myself to Have It.

Hope my notes support you as fully as this has supported me.


Notes from Fear realizations

This all started when Gareth sent me the quotes about Holographic Universe, reminding me to pay attention to the smallest detail as information.

When I asked what detail that was, the answer came, “I’m scared.”

When I explored the, “I’m scared. So what, how is that an insight into the greater whole,” suddenly all sorts of insights opened up.

Thank Goodness for Rumi holding container, feeding moments back, digesting them with me, and deepening the conversation of how to Play Fear as Theater…


– Make love to “scared”

– Invite her or she shadow expresses!

– my 6!! fear!! my kink…fear (somewhat)….my favorite holiday – halloween…. I am hard-wired to process Fear for the Great Body!

– Rumi – play lover to fear // Maya – play fear

– have “I’m scared”

– My fibroids, no competence — oppty to HAVE scared.

– Fear is Fire, it TEMPERS your steel.

– Can’t have duality without fear. Where there is position, there is love / cherishing and a desire for self-preservation. The opposite duality can feel like a threat to self-preservation. Fear is a face of love and cherishing for what one holds.

– Fear is a face of Love.

– There’s nothing to fear but the SUPPRESSING of fear.

– The ultimate war is Love vs/Fear. And you can’t have one without the other (like two sides of a coin). Fear is Love. Love breeds fear. Just like a coin, the only way to have equilibrium is to let them spin together, dance together. Like the coin spinning on the table, you find equilibrium in the middle of the dance where both faces of love have themselves and express themselves fully.

– Have “I’m scared” like a lover. Give the fear over to the Earth, give it down into Gaia.

– Do Theater of Fear as a vehicle for letting Her have Her Self expression.

– Love / Heaven. Fear / Hell / Hell Fire!


11 Essentials To End Burn-Out

Are you fried, overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt-out, and too busy to do anything about it? Do you wake up just as tired as when you went to sleep?  Do you dread the never-ending list of things you “have to” do?

If any of that fits, here are 11 Essentials you can use immediately to end the “burn out” lifestyle and put you on a road to healthier balance while also taking care of all your concerns.

11 Essentials for Ending Burn-Out

1.) Change Your Mind – What beliefs are you holding that keep you making the choices you make?  What would it take for you to believe that you CAN have a more balanced life that also cares for your other concerns?

Practice:  Can you effortlessly say, “I live a daily practice of 30 minutes for myself to do nothing but rest”?  If not, do a Focus Wheel on it.  You can find instructions and pictures about Focus Wheels under #3 in this blog post.

2.) Balance Your Body – What daily practice do you use to care for your body’s needs for rest, space, and time for yourself?

Practice: Block 30 minutes each day just for You Time, and honor it.  No excuses.  It’s ok if you do it in three 10-minute blocks, just do it!  In your You Time, do only what most gives you rest.  Nap, meditate, talk a walk in fresh air, listen to a binaural beat Theta program, just do one thing that clears your mind and helps you experience rest.

3.) Sense Your Spirit – When do you experience the most self-love, self-cherishing, and knowledge of the Divinity that you most deeply Are?  On a scale of 0-10, how much do you revere the Temple of You?

Practice:  If you’ve not ever experienced cherishing your Spiritual aspect, now’s the time.  Bond with the expansive one-ness you can get in nature, or do a 30-minute meditation asking the question, “Who am I Most Deeply?” over and over until you feel a radical expansive opening.  Don’t think about an answer, listen for one.  Just watch and notice what surfaces.  What do you discover?  What do you experience there?

4.) Hear Your Heart – What anxieties, fears and worries keep you making the choices you make?  What would it take for you to attend to your fear and worry in a way that also takes better care of your needs for balance and rest?

Practice:  If you are not yet skilled to transform fear or worry to powerful action and equanimity, it’s time to cultivate a skill in Release Work.  You can find free guides to Transforming Stress on, just create a free account, log in, click ARTICLES, and search for TRANSFORMING STRESS.

5.) Give In To Your Gut – What core values are you trying to fulfill by living a life that is so busy it burns you out?  There are benevolent gifts you’re trying to give yourself and/or others by the life choices you’ve made.  What are they?  Find a way to honor those that also cares for your need for rest and balance.

Practice:  Once you discover the core values keeping you so busy that you’re burnt out, ask yourself, “How can I honor these IN A WAY THAT ALSO gives me the rest and balance I need?”  Alternately you can ask, “How can I have more rest and balance IN A WAY THAT ALSO lets me continue to honor those other areas?”

6.) Act With Better Alignment – If you’re burnt out, it’s likely you don’t ask for what you need, ask for help, delegate tasks, or say ‘no’ with care as well as you could.  Which ones of these can you get better at?

Practice:  Hire a coach who can help you master this practice and use this skill – even when it feels scary.  With the right coach you’ll master this in as little as 4-8 sessions.

7.) Embrace Your Environment – What social, relationship, work or cultural influences contribute to you living the way you live that makes you burnt out?   Whose expectations are you trying to fulfill?  Whose past expectations?  Whose present expectations?  Whose expectations about your future?

Practice:  What would it take for you to attend to those expectations and needs in a way that is also in balance with yourself?  If you can’t find a way to honor A+B in a way that doesn’t burn you out, hire a coach to help you find ways to integrate two sets of values more effectively.

8.) Master Your Middle – What practical, rubber-to-the road structures do you use to account for all your needs including rest and relaxation?  How do you block your schedule?  What do you do when something urgent shows up on your You Time?  How many hours a week do you spend attending to each area of your life?

Practice:  Practical skills like better schedule blocking, better accounting (for your needs), and better container-holding make it possible to have balance while also taking care of other urgencies.  Work on this set of skills, or talk to a coach to get support.

9.) Lower Your Work Ethic –  What “have to”s are you holding that keep you in your burn out cycle?  Can you say, “It’s possible that everything I care about can get attended to without so much effort on my part”?  If not, it’s possible you have picked up a cultural work ethic that isn’t yours, that pushes you to do more than is in balance.

Practice:  Confront your inner voices – your inner Drill Sargent, your inner Task Master, and your inner Butler (tending the Mansion) and find out what it would take for them to have peace of mind in a way that also lets you rest and care for yourself better.

10.)  Hasten Higher Awareness – What do you trust that’s bigger than yourself?  Do you ever, “Let go, and let God (handle it)?”  Do you ever trust things will work out just fine on their own, without you having to manage it?  If not, you may lack some basic skills in connecting to your Higher Self aspect.

Practice:  Cultivate your Transpersonal Self Awareness.  If you don’t know how, hire a qualified coach who can help guide you to find it.  You can find one here.

11.)  Get Support – If you already had the ingredients you needed within you, mastered, you would not BE burnt out.  That means you need to make time and get support.  No excuses!  Many of us with burn-out have an environment that doesn’t support rest or balance, and your environment and community might not be properly supporting you to integrate rest and balance.

Practice:  Get a buddy who will do these practices with you, or get a family member who you will let lean on you until you master a practice, or hire a coach to help – just get SOME sort of cultural support in your environment.  Without a support system in your life, you’re likely to slide back into self-defeating habits.  Find some way to make a community that encourages you being where you want to be.

You can get community support for living better balance via the Whole Health Teleseminar Series.  For more information, click HERE.

A drowning person can’t save another drowning person.  No matter how much you think you “have to” do, when you have yourself in balance and meet your own needs properly, you will have more to give those around you.  Like they say in the airplane, “Put the oxygen mask on you first, then on those around you.”

What will it take for you to put down your to-do list and make 30 minutes a day to build skills that support you as well as you support those around you?

(Maya-G) Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, families, parents, leaders and professionals on whole health in all aspects at all scales. What do you want different? Get measurable results in 90 minutes or less! For more information, call for a Free 1-Hour Consultation – 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 12pmET-4pmET.

Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable (and how to fix them)

To understand the Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable (and how to fix them), it helps if you understand the reality of who you are.

Who are you?

You are more than mind, body, spirit.

You also have actions, that arise out of your beliefs that come from your satisfied or unsatisfied emotions, that are stimulated when your core values that are either met or not met.

You are also inseparably entwined with an interdependent environment, that also interacts with and shapes you.

Let’s consider these aspects the other direction.

When you interact with your environment, your core values may be fed, or not fed.  When they are fed, you feel delight, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace; you feel joy.  When your core values are not met and fed, you feel frustrated, unsettled, upset; you feel pain.

Pain is uncomfortable.  So when we feel pain we are moved to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.  We form stories, beliefs, and assessments about the cause of the problem, and who or what is to blame.  We try to figure out ways to stop the pain from happening again.

Once we’ve formed a belief or story about the cause of our pain, we then formulate steps to stop the pain from continuing.  We take action, interacting with our internal or external environment, to protect ourselves from pain.

You are more than just mind, body, spirit.  The Landscape of You includes 7 Aspects – mind, body, spirit, heart (emotions), gut (core values), action and environment (interaction).  When you understand The Landscape of You, you can more easily recognize, fix and avoid common daily pitfalls.

How does this change your specific day-to-day choices?

Top 3 Mistakes That Make People Miserable
(and how to correct them)

1.  You used to believe your emotions or pain are caused by someone or something outside you. That’s a mistake and it disempowers you.  What’s real is that your emotions are like the grumble in your stomach when you’re hungry – they are simply signals pointing out, “HEY, some core value in you is hungry!”  Your job is get really good at quickly noticing WHICH core value(s) is/are needing to be fed.  Your emotional stomach isn’t grumbling because it’s someone else’s fault.  Your emotional stomach is grumbling because some core value in YOU needs attending to.

To correct this mistake, practice noticing EVERY SINGLE moment you are triggered (upset, frustrated, or judging someone).  In that moment, STOP, take two breaths, and ask yourself, “Which one of MY core values is wanting attention here?”

When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  Likewise, when you get good at noticing and feeding your core values, your emotional stomach will grumble far less.

PRACTICE: Pick any situation that irritates you.  What are you most deeply yearning for in that situation?  What core value in YOU, about YOU, is revealed by your emotion?  Name 3 core values that may be stimulating your irritation.  (For a list of core values, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Gut Aspect – Core Needs”.)

2.  You’ve not been very good at caring for your underlying core values and needs. When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  If you don’t, you get sick, then you starve, then you die.  Most people are suffering a kind of silent subtle body starvation. They have underlying needs (core values) that are not getting fed, and have not been fed for a very long time, which creates huge wells of pain, confusion, and compensatory behavior.  They make up beliefs about why they’re not fed, which contributes to more not getting fed.  Dorothy is exhausted (not doing a good job feeding her need for rest cared for), so she figures her kids are a pain in the neck and she blows up at them.  Dean desperately needs to be seen, understood, and appreciated; he blames his wife for not appreciating him.  Blaming his wife, he feels powerless on top of feeling unappreciated.  To numb his pain, he drinks.  He’s thinking of getting a divorce.

Ultimately, the buck stops with you.  When you die, you die alone.  No one else is responsible for making you happy.  You are responsible for asking for what you need until you get it.  You are responsible for learning how to make better requests that actually work and get your needs fed.  Your job is to learn ways to attend to your needs EVEN IF your requests of OTHERS don’t work.

When your stomach grumbles, you ask for food or you get food for yourself.  As a child you learn how to make requests that get you what you need.  Then you learn how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by yourself.

When you learn to cultivate the habit of effectively asking for what you need, you’ll be more satisfied more often.

PRACTICE: Pick one core value that is upset or going unmet in you.  What specific, doable request can you make of yourself or of others that would feed that need a little bit, right now, in 10 minutes or less?  (For more on Powerful Requests, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Powerful Requests”.)

3. You historically made requests that aren’t doable. Most of us are horrible at making specific, doable requests.  “I’m cold,” is not a request.  A specific, doable request might be, “Would you pass me that sweater?”  “Stop interrupting me,” is not a do-able request; what is it you DO want done, right now?  A doable request might be, “Please wait 2 more minutes before you speak again.”   “I need you to listen to me,” is not a do-able request.  How do you confirm if the person is or is not listening?  A doable request might be, “Could you tell me back what you understand I’m upset about?”

Some of us are triggered by just the thought of making a specific, doable request.  The sooner you free yourself from your self-imposed limitations and get good at specific, doable requests, the sooner you will softly and easily be able to ask for – and get – what you need.

PRACTICE: Look at the requests you wrote in the last practice.  Are they specific actions that can be done right now?  Can they be completed in 10 minutes or less?  Do they show what you DO want, instead of what you DON’T want?  Once you’ve come up with ONE specific, doable request, imagine it goes undone.  Write 2 more alternate requests you can make of yourself or others so that you DO get your core value attended to no matter what. (For more on Powerful Requests, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Powerful Requests”.)

Understanding The Landscape of You empowers you.  When you realize your emotions arise out of your own unmet needs, you are free, you are no longer a victim to your surroundings.  When you realize how to take powerful action that generates results, you get your needs met and your core values attended to.  (For more on The Landscape of You, log into your free account at, click ARTICLES, then click “Who Are You? The Landscape”.)

You now have a clear path toward your own fulfillment.

Transform your upsets to opportunities, accomplishments and celebrations with one-on-one private coaching support.  For a free consultation, call toll-free 1.877.535.5438.

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Maya Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, families, parents, leaders and professionals on whole health in all aspects at all scales. What do you want different? Get measurable results in 90 minutes or less! For more information, call for a Free 1-Hour Consultation – 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 12pmET-4pmET.

New Reality / Whole Health Teleconference

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How can living this way benefit you, right away?

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* Less pain, stress, and crises
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* Better, more fun relationships
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* Dreams turned reality
* Innumerable unexpected miracles

What might our world look like when we are all living this way?
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What does whole health mean? How wholly healthy are you?
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9 Practices for Cultivating Creative Aliveness

Here –

Fantastic post from friend Michelle James, who’s one of the most vibrant, alive AND dropped-in people I know.


Middle Pillar Meditation

As part of my retreat**, I just completed a short Middle Pillar Meditation. Wowie!! (Here’s a short PDF teaching how to do it. Today I started tingling just on the first part of the five spheres.)

This specific meditation is based on 5 points, correlating with the elements instead of the chakras, and I get a big bang every time I do it. No wonder, it’s rooted in pre-Kabbalah practice and has a long history of being used by priests and priestesses, so it’s got some serious thud-factor.


** Each year I unplug (or mostly unplug) for an annual two-week meditation, reflection, end-of-year review and New Year preview retreat.

How to Get Free From Fear – 5 Practices

What are you afraid of?

Nothing, you say? Bologna, I say.

We all have some degree of conscious or unconscious fear impacting our lives.

How can you verify when fear is in the mix? Words like “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, and “won’t” often indicate unconscious fears. What topics, people or places do you avoid? Hesitation, procrastination or avoidance often indicate unconscious fears. Judgments also indicate unconscious fears. We’re always only doing love (opening, curious, being present and in joy) or we are doing fear (contracting, resisting, avoiding). If you’re in a moment where you’ve lost your sense of humor, your ability to appreciate, your open heart or your curiosity, or your eager joy, unconscious fear is very likely in the mix.

If there’s any area of your life where you’re not experiencing what you want to experience, odds are, fear is part of the picture. With fear, we are living a fraction of our highest potential and whole health. Without fear we are at full choice and powerful to generate the kinds of experience we want.

Here are 5 practices you can use in the moment to transform conscious or unconscious fears to freedom and powerful action.

1. So what, then what?

Sometimes, freeing yourself from fear comes when you look the paper tiger in the eye.  Here’s one way you can do that:

Name your worst case scenario. Imagine it in vivid detail. Really try on that coat, fully, and then ask, “If this happened, so what, then what?” Don’t think about an answer, wait to experience the answer in your body. When you get an answer, ask the question again, “If that happened, so what, then what?” Beware of any draw to change the subject, take a nap or “step out of the fire”; lean in to the experience as deeply as you can. If you stay on track and do the exercise sincerely enough, the explosion of opening and freedom at the end of the exploration will stun and amaze you.

2. Try SORTting It Out ™.

SORTting It Out(tm) is a practice I created that taps the wisdom of your mind, body, heart, gut (unconscious core values) and action to transform fear to powerful steps and fulfillment.

First, with your hand on your head, (S)ay whatever thoughts or fears you have about this issue. Second, (O)bserve the heart and the gut behind those thoughts. What is the emotion and the core value behind the voice of your mind?
When you find those, you’ll feel a shift of relief. Next, (R)elease the emotional charge of the fear so that all you’re left with is the power of your clarity about your core values. There are many ways to do release work, any one you know that actually produces “shift” for you (not emotional bypass) will do just fine. Next, (T)rack your shift. If you started at a 10 of fear and beliefs of “can’t, won’t or avoidance”, where are you now? Continue the SORT until you reach a 0 or 1 of fear or emotional charge. Finally (t)ake generative action. Ask yourself, what request can I make of myself or others that would contribute to feeding the core value(s) I just discovered? If you’re SORTting It Out ™ accurately, you will have a full shift into freedom and power in under 20 minutes, or in as little as three breaths.

3. Do a Focus Wheel.

A Focus Wheel is a visual way of exploring your fear that results in freedom and a shift of consciousness.

At the top of a blank peice of paper, write the end result that you want but fear. Maybe you’ll write, “I can talk to women with absolute ease,” or “I speak in public with absolute delight,” or “Asking for what I want is easy.” (You’ll find pictures  below.) You’ll know if you have a good opening statement when you can barely write it without feeling nauseous. Next, draw a circle in the center of the paper, large enough to write this phrase when you’re done. Then draw a long thin arc about 1 inch wide and two inches long, starting from the rim of the circle, going away from center two inches, then returning to the rim of the circle an inch from where you started. It’ll look like a flower petal.  Now, on the side of the arc that moves away from center, write the first fear or reaction you have to the opening statement.  Maybe your reaction is, “No I can’t, I never have been able to do that.”  Write it on the arc away from center.  Next, ask yourself, “What truth can I find within me that brings me back to center”?  Maybe you’ll realize that, “What’s also true is that I’ve accomplished anything I set my mind to.”  Whatever truth you have that brings you back to center, that helps you regain your sense of power, write that on the side of the arc that returns back to the center rim.  Now reflect on that truth for at least 90 seconds. Really feel it.  Next, draw another arc that goes away from center and back to center. Reread your opening statement, and write the next reaction you have on this new arc, on the side going away from center. Then find the truth that brings you back to center, and write that on the other side of the arc.  Let yourself feel that truth for 90 seconds.  Repeat this reaction-truth-sit cycle of drawing arcs and writing on them until you have no more reactions left when you read your opening statement.  Usually reactions run out in 7 tries, plus or minus two. You’ll know you did the exercise properly if you feel at ease and peace when you re-read your opening statement. When this happens, re-write your opening phrase, but this time write it in the center of the focus wheel.  You’re done!  Now you can then keep or safely burn the focus wheel – you’re free!

4. Deepen Your Needs Consciousness.

Deepening your needs consciousness is a practice is uncovering the core values behind core values behind core values. When you get to the root, you find a liberating peak experience that transforms your sense of Self, showing you the power that you most deeply are.

To do the exercise, first notice what you’re afraid of. Let’s say you’re afraid of marketing your products.  Ask yourself, “What core value am I trying to protect or care for in my fear?”  Maybe you’ll discover that what you most yearn for is confidence that people will like you after you tell them what you’re selling. The core value is “to be liked/loved”.  When you find the core value behind the fear, close your eyes and vividly imagine experiencing it for at least 20 seconds. If your core value is “to be loved”, then imagine yourself abundantly cherished and appreciated by a crowd of people surrounding you.  Whatever your core value, imagine it in detail and feel it.  After the 20 seconds or so, ask yourself, “If I got that, what would it bring me?” In this case, it’s, “If I were loved, what would that bring me?”  Find out what gift are you trying to give yourself, or others, by seeking the first core value.  Maybe you’ll discover, “If I’m loved, then it would give me opportunities to hang out with other people (play).”  Now that you have a 2nd core value, vividly imagine experiencing THIS one for at least 20 seconds. Continue this cycle of core value – what would it bring me – sit with the one you find, by asking “If I got THAT, what would it bring me?” and “If I got THAT, what would it bring me?” In each round, be sure to let your body FEEL the experience of having the core value fed. As you go, notice any shifts in your body posture, sensations, or breath. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you feel enormously open, powerful, and peaceful. Sit with that sensation for at least 90 seconds; you’ve now started to connect with your Highest Self.Keep going, is there something more?  If not, ask your Highest Self what it thinks about the thing you’re afraid of. If you’ve done the exercise properly, you should experience a surprising shift, experiencing a new part of you that is utterly free from fear.

5. Sit in the fire.

Here’s another way to “look the paper tiger in the eye”.  In this exercise you’ll sit THROUGH the discomfort of feeling fear, until the burning discomfort simply evaporates itself, leaving nothing left but a purified you who is free from that fear.

To do this exercise, name the thing you’re afraid of.  Maybe it’s a situation you’re afraid of.  Maybe it’s a kind of loss, or a kind of pain that you’re trying to avoid.  Often, fear is about resisting something, bracing to try desperately to avoid the situation.  Whatever it is, vividly imagine it, and feel the discomfort of the situation.  Really feel it.  If you feel it only at a 6-out-of-10 or less, then imagine more vivid detail until you feel it at a 9-out-of-10.  Stay with it.  Don’t go to sleep, don’t try to fix the problem, don’t try to escape it and don’t surrender into acceptance, just sit in the fire.  When the discomfort begins to lessen, find the next most distasteful or scary aspect.  Stay with it.  You may experience biochemical release of the toxins of fear – burping, crying, shaking, and yawning are examples of release that show you’re on track.  Stay with it.  Keep painting the picture that stimulates your fear.  If you do the practice successfully, in 20-90 minutes you will experience a radical shift.  Suddenly it will feel like the clouds have parted and the storm is gone.  Revisit the original topic that scared you.  How do you react to it now?  Clients who have done this practice successfully with a coach report shifts like, “Wow, that just doesn’t phase me anymore,” or simply shrug saying, “I know I started with that but it seems kind of silly to me now.”  On the other side of the fire of fear is a wide open, easy, spacious freedom.  Find it.

Not all of us can both follow the practice instructions AND go deep in the work.  If you need, hire a coach who will hold the process for you and help you stay on track.

When you complete any one of these practices, do gentle movement like stretching or take a short walk, and be sure to drink at least 20 ounces of water within 20 minutes.  This helps the body to metabolize the biochemistry that was stimulated and flush it out of your system.

Do any of these practices once a week.  It will increase your freedom, power, choice and peace of mind.

Here’s one final (bonus) tip on freeing yourself from fear:

Sometimes fear comes out of speculating what will or won’t happen.  Enjoy cultivating curiosity. Beware of thinking you “already know all about it”. Maybe there’s a nuance or opportunity you do NOT know about. Tell yourself, “Maybe it’s possible that I don’t yet know what I don’t know,” or “It’s possible that there’s something I am not aware of that WOULD work.” Explore.

And be free.

To overcome fear in your life, or to get help using one of these practices, call 1.877.535.5438 (Mon-Thurs, 12pmET to 4pmET).

Among the other areas of professional, spiritual and personal development, Maya Gail Taylor coaches individuals, couples, families, parents, leaders and professionals on whole health and increased freedom. Get measurable results! For more information, or for help to get the kind of life experiences that you most deeply want, call to schedule a Free 1-Hour Consultation – 1.877.535.5438 Mon-Thurs 12pmET-4pmET.


Thank you Love!

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