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Me on Quora on Synchronicity

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Q: Is there a better explanation for extraordinary synchronicities, and prophetic dreams, than Carl Jung’s collective unconscious?

A: While not omniscient or having read all there is to read on the subject, here is my favorite explaination.

The short simple answer – It’s all vibration, baby. Understand that, and you understand prophetic dreams and synchronicity. It’s all very simple.

Here’s what I mean. (Hang in there, this explanation goes from mainstream to advanced very quickly, one step at a time. Wait for it!)

Science, as we know it, often looks at ‘reality’ by dissecting the whole, reducing the variables, using microscopes, and separating the parts. It’s very left-brained. In this myopic way, science (i.e.: the mainstream) finds consciousness (and phenomena like prophetic dreams or synchronicity) elusive and difficult to understand, although quantum mechanics finds interesting phenomena.

All that we actually know we know, is that vibration happens. “I Think, therefore I Am.” Thoughts are vibrational phenomena. Light is vibration in radiant friction. Sound, waves, all vibrational phenomena.

We accept descriptions of ‘reality’ at our scale of observation, but nothing we conventionally think of as ‘reality’ is actually ‘real’.

Atoms are not solid, they are merely coherent patterns of vibration and spin dynamics. Electrons don’t “exist” as permanent phenomena, they blink in and out of existence continually. The electromagnetic phenomena that move our muscles are merely vibrational phenomena.

Cymatics is a newer science that investigates the emergent property of vibrational dynamics interacting on clumps of activity that we call “matter”. Put the right material in a cymatic field, and it looks like Nature. Extraordinary patterns emerge in response to specific frequencies. Movement happens, as if the material “comes to life”.

Rogue waves are another example of emergent phenomena that are only explainable by looking at the interaction of the system experiencing vibratory dynamics.

Developmentally, mainstream western science has yet to master system-thinking.

Those who do seem to understand the nature of Nature best, also look at the larger context of phenomena. They explore “knowledge” beyond the limits of the 5 senses – Gnosis. This is the realm of the right-brain, the spiritually-minded. Jung, I believed, did so well because he rationalized and formalized gnosis that he was exposed to as he experienced Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah and other right-brained schools that looked at the whole, rather than only looking at the individual parts like a microscope would.

The Buddhist “Indra’s Net” is one example of humans attempting to describe the larger systemic context in action. The Taoists call it “The Way”. I call it the Fabric of Great Order.

Walter Russell, a scientist credited with ‘discovering’ several elements on the periodic table before mainstream science knew what to look for, was a master of understanding vibrational dynamics. He called it “Mind” (as in, the mind of All). Ian Anderson in the Jethro Tull song, “Skating Away (On The Thin Ice of a New Day)” calls it the Universal Mind.

When we experience Universal Mind, time is simultaneous, not linear. All information is expressed (and available for access) in each and every quantum location. These are also conversations shared among physicists.

If time is simultaneous, all exists Now, past, present, future are all “knowable” in the Now. Tesla said he learned what he learned by tapping into this field. (So have many other ‘scientists’.) Some call this “the Akashic Records”.

If time is simultaneous, we can access a ‘memory’ of ‘future’ events, thus predictive dreams have an obvious place in Nature.

In the trans-egoic state of sleep, in the DMT surge at 4am in the Theta and Delta frequency, we can “tune in” to and access states of awareness not available to the daytime Beta-wave brain.

Who is the observer of the Memory? When you say You are observing your thoughts – who is the You that owns your thoughts? Are you experienced in the Self that you Are beyond the egoic, personal self? Another science that discusses this “woo woo” stuff is called Transpersonal Psychology, and it substantiates and proves (in empirical ways) transpersonal phenomena. See also, the Heart Math Institute.

If we step back and perceive, experientially, the nature of Nature, there is a rich tapestry of vibrational dynamics intersecting, dancing, weaving coherent structures, like rogue waves, and re-dividing all structures back into the Universal Mind of All.

If we learn to listen beyond our ears and see beyond our eyes, we can ‘tune in’ to an entire experience (and intelligences) beyond the 5 senses, get in “Flow” with Nature, and see (as the Taoists teach) that our spiritual development can transcend the first 6 levels of Monkey Ego and Sage Ego.

In these latter 6 stages of spiritual development (ex: in stage 9), we see clearly the Way the vibrational Mind of Nature rises to meet us (the “synchronicity” that we could glimpse, but not understand, in stages 1-8). Some call this Alchemy.

When Nature – like a Holographic Mirror reflecting just the right bit of Universal Mind back to us in the shape that our personal development is ready to see – when Nature rises to meet us, we experience “synchronicity”.

For more about the stages of spiritual development and the nature of Nature as described by the Taoists, you can read “Dragon’s Play”, by Charles Belyea and Steven Tainer.


It’s all vibration.

Take the red pill, Neo, and your consciousness will experience much that lies beyond the myopic mainstream western experience. (That’s a Matrix reference, for those not in the know.)

Time is simultaneous. Only at our spiritually young, egoic scale of observation does it look linear. Of course the Greater Spark of Mind within a human can experience “predictive dreams”. It’s all Now. And it’s all available to our consciousness Now, if we tune in properly.

Synchronicity is The Way of Nature. Mind resonates. The system of our unique frequency interacts with the frequency of the greater Whole, and reflects back to us in equal measure to our personal shape and level of development. When we understand it, we call it The Tao or Indra’s Net or Great Order. When we don’t, we say, “Woah, that was quite a synchronicity.”

Hope this helps 😉 Cheers!


Alternative to “Bad Shadow Government Illuminati” Narrative

I have lots of friends campaigning against “shadow government” or against “the Illuminati” or against “the reptilians” or “the bankers” or “the powers that be”.

I am very educated to these narratives. I get it. And –

I would like to propose a more generative perspective.

After human beings were created, a point came where we were provided the space to be “self-governing” (self, meaning, “the local human population governing itself”).

Of course, at that time not all individuals were prepared – or psychologically equipped – for this task. Some people have longer cognitive lines than others. Some people have more agentic inclinations than others. So, necessarily, a small number of the “locals” took control, and started a not-so-complex chess game of politics, governing behind the scenes, currency and currency manipulations, etc… The masses, for centuries, have been the pieces on this chess board, moved by debt obligations, moved by fear and threats, moved by political maneuvering and moved by spin.

However, necessarily, we are now reaching a time in human history and human development where more and more of the chess pieces (the humans on the planet) are waking up, seeing the larger context of the chess board, and saying, “Wait a minute Chess Players – You’re not the boss of me!” More and more of us are growing up and emotionally maturing enough to learn that we (the masses) can govern ourselves.

As a human race, true “self governance” is not about a small group controlling the rest. True “self governance” is about each one of us, each individual, waking up to be able to govern ourselves.

Part of that is learning how to do “power with” instead of “power over”. The chess players did “power over” the rest. The people collaborating in open-source projects, collaborating on the Internet, and collaborating on crowd-sourcing, community resiliency, restorative justice and permaculture are all people embodying their learning how to do “power with”.

People doing “power with” realize that we are interconnected, and only going to thrive when we work together with each other and with the system as a whole. People who do “power over” think of themselves as separate, and everyone else and everything else as Enemy to be conquered and controlled.

History is teaching us that Power Over is a tragic strategy that falls apart in the long run. Power With allows us to adaptively generate solution on-the-fly – dynamic steering.

While we embody “us/them” villanization – when we push against a government figure, or a batch of “Illuminati”, or against a batch of “reptilians”, we continue to perpetuate the pawn mentality by playing into the victim triangle. The oppressed rise to become the new oppressors.

Only when we stand in our own sovereignty – and educate ourselves – can we evolve to our fullest capacity and our birth right – fully actualizing our capacities.

Standing in our sovereignty, for me, isn’t about pushing against the old structures. For me, the sovereign is visibile in us when we come together to create new systems that render the old systems obsolete – effortlessly and naturally.

So while I appreciate the attempt to “educate” that innocently moves people to villanize our government or our history or our shadow government or our ancient ancestors, I don’t subscribe to the villanizing, us/them behaviors.

I want to live more emotionally mature, more grown-up, and more productive than that.

Rather, I recognize that we are capable of waking each other up to our true capacities by moving forward into new structures.

That is who I am. I am a culture creator. I am a stand for the new structures. I am a creative being interested in contributing to the new systems (which will naturally and effortlessly obsolete the old).

So I propose that we put our energies into the Now and the Future and create the self-governing, system-awake, wholistic structures and environments that we want. This is a far, far more productive use of our energies than rehearsing the hatred of the old systems we are pushing against.

In hopes of inspiring your generative action to create forward,


Sacred Geometry and The Nature of Everything

Thanks to an inspiration on Facebook, I am posting this Q and A to help anyone who is interested understand the connection between Sacred Geometry and … well … Everything.

If you’d like to see my facebook pictures in the post, I’m at – or you can see previous posts on this blog for more info on sacred geometry and nature.


Me: Yum!! Sacred Geometry Rocks. The Nature of Nature, Baby! Right under our noses.

JBN: What does this mean in simple terms (English) ?

Me: The YinYang symbol is a 2-dimensional symbol that is derived from (and represents) a dynamic 4-dimensional, toroidal structure that is at the root of Nature / SpaceTimeReality as we know it.

JBN: May I know what the practical application of this in we everyday life ?

Me: Sure. Just like the light-bulb, there are many practical applications of this tool depending on how broad or narrow your daily life is. For example – Some people are applying toroidal dynamics to create new, improved electricity circuits that operate on less power and generate electricity as they work (look up Keppe Motors). Some are applying toroidal dynamics to understand the electro-magnetic dynamics in the human body (your heart and brain are both sources of an electro-magnetic field). This toroidal behavior is part of the way everything in our physical Nature works – from the smallest to the largest (google physicists Nassim Haramein and if you can bear his languaging Walter Russell’s work, who discovered some of the elements on our periodic chart). There are more books and science sources coming out daily realizing the link between sacred geometry and all of the fabric of our lives (ex: the link I put up about jewel universe – here ). Some are even applying knowledge of these dynamics to create alternatives to water generation and propulsion (Keshe). This same structure is related to the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life and the Sri Yantra – they are all 2-dimensional representations of the same main structures (see the photos in my albums). We see the connection in 3D in a new sound-related science called Cymatics; this relates directly to music and has possible medicinal applications (Rife). As we human beings learn how to represent toroidal dynamics in math, we are simplifying and correcting our understanding of the universe – everything from sub-atomic particle behavior to the way hurricanes and tornadoes work (there’s a yin/yang dynamic visible at the top of a hurricane), to the way galactic bodies work (the arms on the Milky Way galaxy and the way quasars behave, which is directly related to how our sun behaves) – (see also this link ). Some are applying the new understandings in medicine as well. The shift in the way we understand reality is no less important or applicable as when we human beings stopped thinking the Earth was flat. Now because I’m interested in everything from healing to music to alternative energy to science to medicine to art to ancient history, and because I believe in informing myself when more accurate perspectives of reality are discovered, this is a part of my daily life, every day. Depending on your scope of interest, I hope this’ll help show ways advances in electricity, science, medicine and more might be related to your everyday life.

PS: If you want a real trip through 6 dimensions, turn off your sound and watch this: 😉

Out of the Dark Night

Hi again 🙂

Well this post is about a month overdue. Much has shifted in the 6 months since my July post. Thanks to Grace and the love of people around me, including people I didn’t even know, I am finding my way into my next life Chapter.

I want to tell you the whole story, but if you know me you also know I can tell a long story. 😉 How do I abbreviate it and still transmit its richness?

Hrm. Well let me try this:

Have you ever had an experience of rediscovering the true core of who you most deeply Are, remembering, and suddenly shifting perspectives?

Before, all I could see were my crest-fallen memories and conclusions based in seeing the heart-breaking darkness in our 3-D reality: my disappointments, lost hopes and dreams, corruption, unconscious shadow, places where I felt lonely wanting to be wanted, and the beautiful fabric of Great Order that has tragic, limited, flawed messiness at every stage of Spiral development. From there, I didn’t see where I belonged, I only saw my differences from the world around me. Now, thanks to a conversation with Paul Roberts (, I remembered the quad inner community members that make up our dominant personality experience (see also, MBTI on human development), and was able to release my inner adult coach from the spaghetti of complicated grief that I was having a hard time finding my way through.

You see, Paul’s perspective was that all of what I’ve experienced this last few years – the losses, the health-crisis, the shift in my direction, the failures and the absolute feeling of being lost and confused – were all a necessary set of stepping stones, the oft-named “Dark Night of the Soul”, congruent with the path I have chosen. This made total sense to me. As so many before me who have climbed the mountain and seen the expansive view only to tumble back down into the chasm, I needed to have my tumble before I could fully surrender into my next Phase. I see how this makes absolute sense – I retired my busy-minded work. I let everything around me go in favor of prioritizing my body’s healing. Everything had to stop for me to shed my old skin before I could move forward.

From there, Paul offered me the Shin Buddhist invitation to surrender to the (2nd-person face of God) Amida Buddha which ironically (by contrast of my own 3rd-person relationship to The Universe) polarized me right smack back into my spiritual center. It reminded me that I Know mySelf as the direct conversation with Source that I Am. I Remember – I am not this experience. I gnostically Know – I am the rider, not the vehicle of the bodymind. (Yes, I just made up “gnostically” I think.) I experience the true details of the vehicle, but I also know a Higher Truth about my Nature, I remember who I was before I arrived in this body. That rider, and the driver that guides that Rider, is far closer to who I Am, than the illusion of the 3-D world that I fell asleep within.

This liberated me out of many entanglements that have been weighing on me for a few years now.

But maybe most importantly, Paul (and events that happened “coincidentally” right after my conversation with Paul) lurched me head-long into the deep pool on the other side of Great Order — realizing Grace.

Yes – there is darkness, corruption, shadow, tragedy. And, there’s also Great Love, surprises, unexpected support, guidance, beauty and consciousness evolving, taking Experience beyond where it has been before.

So now, I feel…settled. Rumi says it’s my natural progression from Enneagram 6 to healthy integration of Enneagram 9. I guess so; it snuck up on me. I see who I Am, who I am, and I see the differences between me and the environment around me, but yet I feel at home in my body and in the World and The Fabric just as it is.

In this shift, I’ve also uncovered a bit of love I had suppressed within me that I didn’t recall was there. I love mischief; specifically, the kind of mischief that happens behind the glint in someone’s eye as they smile with inner knowing, joy and delight at the fullness of having engaged a Random Act of Kindness. I love the kind of Mischief of engaging conversation with a restaurant waitress or a grocery check-out person or the mailman in a way that lights them up until they beam. I love the play of participating in standard daily conversation carrying with me the dance of Love and Divinity inviting forward the Genius that we each are, each in our own unique ways. I am a Stand for that game, that “good mischief” as Rumi says.

I now refer to it as my “Secret Light Spy” game.


Thank you, Paul, for the gift of your random (or not so random) act of kindness that helped shed light on my unconscious confusion. Thank you, Grace, for sending someone into my field who I’d only met once 10 years ago, and for inspiring him to look me up, read my blog and decide to email me about my July post.

Thank you History, for all the ways I was supported, loved, guided, protected, fed, sheltered and richly, richly gifted even when I was too blind, swollen, arrogant, scared or young to see it.

And thank you, Grace, for answering my prayer; I needed a ‘bigger game’ to play, a game from the land beyond politics and local drama, and you’ve given it to me.

So there it is. So much to be thankful for!

I’m coming back out to play, y’all. Something beyond self-power carries me now. And watch out, there’s a mischievous glint in my eye.


Today’s Practice – Finding God in “Failures”

If God is in everything – then God is in things I dislike, too. Huh. How about that.

Then Guidance said, “To believe in people again – do you believe in You?”

It’s true, I’m sad about my…my behaviors…my life’s imperfections…my failures….

Then Guidance said, “If that too is God – is a perfect part of Great Order – can you find God in the imperfections? Can you find peace with the God alive in your own mistakes and imperfections?”

“Forgive your own failures – see God in all things you call failures – and you’ll find peace with other people again.”

Neo… Wakey Wakey (Play)

Neo, it’s time to wake up.

Level 1
– Everything you resist in yourself or others is a reflection of unresolved pains within you – these are opportunities for freedom if you pay attention, find the source, and grieve. You’re always either doing love or fear. Fear often results from unresolved pain.
– Culture, relationships, organizations and our planet’s state of “reality” are a direct reflection of your work – every one of us.
– Today, this very moment, things are changing. We’re taking responsibility, and we’re cleaning up the muck.
– The American Dream –
– Meet Your Strawman –
– Thrive –
– Kelly –

Level 2
– Who’s at the source of our mostly-inactive genetics? Lots of muck stems from this. Wouldn’t it help to know how we got here in the first place? Research pre-biblical text references (Sumarian texts, for example) about the original flood story and genesis, and the Annunaki. Soon we will all be discussing a very different perspective on ‘history’. Meanwhile here are other good related links:

Level 3
– I Am You Are God having a Human experience.
– I Am You Are cells in the being of God – and as such embued with the power of Creation.
– We create as we Think.

Level 4
– All things are as they must be – perfect – in the fabric of Great Order
– As God, all of this is Original Choice. There’s nothing to forgive.
– There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to escape to. All Is Breathing. Reunion, Differentiation, rinse and repeat. All of the stories are simply theater playing Experience out of this eternal breathing.
– There’s nothing to do but observe, trust yourSelf, Be true to yourSelf, breathe, and give Experience away to the Earth. Your body will all dissolve into dust at some point anyway. Life is all just practice for the Ultimate Dissolution into ReUnion. You might as well live from your love, because nothing else matters. Everything else finds its way when we are each true to the GodForce within us revealed by our surrendered, clear love. If you don’t truly love it, don’t keep it, do it or be it. Just let it go. That’s all.
– Return to Level 1 or take a nap. Or have a cookie.

Have a great day 😉

Wave Science, Spirituality, Nature and More

Moved by Higgs-Boson news, which makes me shake my head, I wrote this draft article. One day particle physics and the concept of the Higgs-Boson will be seen as archaic and obsolete. I hope you enjoy it. – Maya

Wave Science – An Alternative to Particle Physics

Just like the map of a flat Earth, one day particle physics and the concept of the Higgs-Boson will be seen as archaic and obsolete.

It used to be practical for us to believe in a flat earth, so we did. The belief helped us to make sense of what our eyes seemed to see in front of us. In fact, at the local level, our planet does appear flat.

It took explorers with a more far-reaching experience to teach us the truth that the planet is not flat. Those explorers had experience beyond the limited local sense perception. They had experience that the masses did not have. They circumnavigated the globe.

For those explorers, the theory of a flat earth was absolutely insufficient to explain their experiences. Soon, word caught on about circumnavigation and places where the flat Earth theory was insufficient, and people began to wonder.

When the theory of a flat earth was no longer sufficient to serve practical purposes, the theory became obsolete.

Likewise, particle physics and the Higgs-Boson theory have been quite practical for modern man to make sense of what his eyes and hands perceive. However particle physics is inaccurate and will soon prove supremely insufficient.

Soon humanity at large will awaken to and experience what early explorers have already discovered. Soon, we will all see beyond the illusion and inaccuracies of mainstream science.

This document aims to serve the expression of that awakening.

For simplicity, we’ll refer to the concepts in this awakening as Wave Science.

Wave science offers a simpler alternative to explain our experience of reality.

Wave science is not new, it is only new to those who are not yet awake. Cymatics is an example of a new science based on this awakening. Contemporaries like Marco Rodin (and his toroidal coil), Nassim Haramein (and his published proofs of vorticular dynamics), and Thomas Bearden (and his experiments with electro-magnetism and anti-gravity) are examples of those awake today who are exploring and creating practical applications for wave science. In previous generations, Victor Schauberger, Walter Russell and Nicola Tesla were the explorers awake to wave physics. Each created working devices and advances in science, the news of which was suppressed (conceivably by those wanting financial control). The pyramids in Egypt, the Mayan Calendar, and alignments of stone temples in South America and China, and sound-healing constructs in South America are testament to an age our ancestors enjoyed where wave science was common knowledge.

Wave science provides an alternative perspective about the nature of reality as we know it.

This draft article aims to outline some of the basic axioms and properties of wave science.

When you understand wave science, you will join the ranks of the explorers who recognize why the theory of particle physics and much of mainstream science is archaic and incomplete.

When you understand this document, you will have the power to understand and leverage reality in ways others cannot.

When we understand wave science as a culture, we can:

  • simplify mainstream science education for our children
  • generate more effective, less destructive, more advanced technology
  • produce powerful, cost-effective healing solutions
  • experience the unity of science and spirituality
  • eliminate fear of death
  • solve energy problems at a global scale
  • transcend global wage slavery, uprooting and healing the cancerous suppression of human potential by TPTB (the powers that be) who have attained individual and group thriving at the expense of the planet and humanity at large.

AXIOM: The fundamental stuff of the universe as we know it is Infinite Potential. Infinite Potential is also known as “Is-ness”.

AXIOM: Infinite Potential (Is-ness) has 4 characteristics: Still, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.

  • Still: The motionless, formless state of Infinite Potential before motion (transmission) happens within it.
  • Omnipresent: Everywhere. Like a body of water within which whirlpools can form, matter as we know it is coherence of movement that happens within the stuff of Infinite Potential. Infinite Potential is everywhere; the whirlpool is a local phenomena within it. Because Infinite Potential is everywhere, it has no single coherent center thus it can also be said to be nowhere.
  • Omnipotent: As the name implies, Infinite Potential is capable of infinite kinds of coherence. Increasing complexities of coherence can create infinite possible manifestations. Infinite Potential is capable of cohering into anything.
  • Omniscient: Like a spider at the center of a web who instantly senses any movement on the expanse of the web, impulse within any part of Infinite Potential is registered instantly throughout all of Infinite Potential. All information about coherences within Infinite Potential is available at all points within Infinite Potential.

AXIOM: The only function possible within Infinite Potential is the bi-polar function of impulse and rest (like computers – 1 or 0). While this appears to our senses as two functions, impulse and rest are not separate and cannot be separated. Like hot and cold or dark and light, impulse and rest are always simultaneously present, and always in inverse proportions. Where there is greater heat, there is less cold. Where there is more light, there is less dark. Where there is greater impulse, there is less rest. The inverse is also true. Where there is greater rest, there is less impulse.

AXIOM: There are two forms of impulse. The impulse toward (+) and the impulse away (-). Impulse away propels motion (transmission) toward rest. Impulse toward propels motion (transmission) toward coherence. Impulse toward (+) is also known as generation, creation, or cohering, contraction. Impulse away (-) is also known as dissolution, radiation, expansion, dissolving.

AXIOM: Consciousness is the generative, “thinking”, creative force that renders impulse. Impulse is rendered by Consciousness. Desire of Consciousness is expressed in impulse (wave).

AXIOM: Repetition of impulse manifests waves (apparent motion). Persistence of will or impulse expresses itself as a wave.

AXIOM: Transmission is the replication of properties along the fabric of Infinite Potential in instantaneous response to neighboring changes. What we perceive as motion is actually transmission of coherences and information across the fabric of Infinite Potential.

AXIOM: Motion is an illusion, only transmission exists. Impulse transmits instantaneously instantaneously throughout the stuff of Infinite Potential. This transmission appears to our senses as motion (waves).

AXIOM: What we perceive as “straight lines” are the illusion of limited local perspective; in truth, only curves exist in our Universe.

AXIOM: Motion (impulse, wave) is the manifested product of desire (will, intent) on the part of Consciousness. In other words, Infinite Potential is the fabric (the context), Consciousness is the force, desire (will, intent) is the motive, motion (transmission of impulse, that which we perceive as a wave) is the product of that desire within Consciousness.

AXIOM: Coherence of waves renders Infinite Potential into what we perceive as form. Motion (transmission) coheres into increasingly complex patterns to render what we perceive as reality. Motion (transmission) contributes to coherence.

AXIOM: Motion (transmission) also contributes to dissolution.

AXIOM: Examples of wave coherences include standing waves, whirlpools and toroids. Everything that we perceive as matter are composed of combinations of coherences.

AXIOM: When impulse waves converge and cohere, what we perceive as patterns appear. Sound and light are examples of complex convergences of waves.

AXIOM: What we perceive as solid matter is an illusion; all apparently material objects are merely complex coherences of motion (transmission). An atom is a convergence of spinning coherences called electrons in motion around other spinning coherences called protons and neutrons. Smashing smaller and smaller “particles” (coherences of spin) together will infinitely produce smaller and smaller spin coherences. What we conceive of as “particles” are simply illusions produced by spin and coherence of motion.

AXIOM: By nature, Infinite Potential is imperceptible to the organs of the material realm. To perceive Infinite Potential would require infinite stillness. Matter cannot exist in infinite stillness; the absence of motion is the obliteration of matter. Thus as matter-beings, humanity and human organs and tools can never directly perceive Infinite Potential. There’s no point in seeking a God Particle with the human organism. However, we know Infinite Potential exists. First, we perceive material reality from our local context, therefore we know that coherence of motion (transmission) is happening; motion (transmission of information) exists. Next, we know that this cohering of motion is happening within some greater context. That greater context is Infinite Potential. Therefore we know Infinite Potential exists.

One Foundation, Many Subjects

Understanding these basics, we now have a foundation of information that touches many topics, including spirituality, material sciences, personal development, problem solving, and more.

Here are just a few examples:

Spirituality AXIOM: A human being may experience the transmission of Consciousness through increasing practices of stillness, Self trust, and personal expression.

Death AXIOM: Death need not be feared nor is it final, it’s simply a demonstration of part of the infinite cycle of coherence and dissolution within Consciousness.

Science and Spirituality AXIOM: The separation between science and spirituality is a superimposed illusion. Science is the observation of spiritual mechanics at work. Reality is literally a demonstration of embodiment and disembodiment, coherence and dissolution, within the fabric of Great Order (Infinite Potential).

Personal / Interpersonal AXIOM: To heal personal or interpersonal issues, it helps to understand the nature of wave science. Two complementary waves will produce a harmonic resulting in stillness and rest (resolution). Dissonance only adds noise and does not result in resolution. Empathy, allowing, acceptance, gratitude, appreciation and realizing that there is nothing to forgive are examples of wave frequencies (habits of thought and sound) that result in resolution and restoration of equilibrium.

Science AXIOM: To manipulate physical reality, one benefits from understanding the dynamics revealed within wave dynamics, vorticular dynamics, toroidal dynamics, sacred geometry, cymatics and fluid dynamics.

Biology AXIOM: Thought is a complex convergence of impulse waves.

Transpersonal Psychology AXIOM: Material reality is an illusion, the reality is coherence of motion (transmission), information in coherence and dissolution. We directly access wave coherence making through thought and emotion. To change reality, change how you think and feel.

Spirituality AXIOM: The fabric of reality as we experience it is the fabric of Consciousness itself, woven into varying complexities of coherence and dissolution.

Transpersonal Biology AXIOM: All material bodies are comprised of more or less complex coherences of Infinite Potential. Infinite Potential has Consciousness. Therefore all bodies have some degree of local Consciousness. Plants have consciousness. Animals have consciousness. Crystals have consciousness. The masses of humanity simply have not yet learned to receive or to translate the information within the transmission of those bodies. Some individuals have learned to tune into those frequencies and do receive and translate that information.

In Conversation

If something in this writing inspires you to curiosity or delight and you would like to continue the conversation, feel free to contact me by email at mayagayam at gmail.

Thank you Love!

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