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Protocol Update

Jody emailed me asking for more info about my current protocol.

Here’s a general overview, with a few random details – I could practically write a book about all of this.  I admit it’s not my most brief writing.

I hope it helps someone out there anyway.


Hello Maya,

I am totally bedridden and no doctors have been able to help me. I have read your postings extensively and I’m hopeful that you might email me the more recent Protocol that you followed to help you feel much better.

I really appreciate any response from you,


Hi Jody,

Thank you for your post on my blog (copied below).  I’m so sorry to hear you’re totally bedridden.
This is a long email.  I hope you have help or energy to get through it. heh.
I hope it helps.
There’s so much I could share with you.  My protocol is NOT simple, and has NOT been easy.  It has taken a lot.  And I still have a way to go.  Some weeks I was in total despair and discouragement.
This has taken me a ton of patience, tenacity, and tracking all my steps, and a ton of trial-and-error.
I also had to learn to add each step in tiny baby steps, and keep doing previous steps while adding new ones.
Here’s a SAMPLE list of all the things in my protocol (this is cyclical, I do a bit more of each, each cycle):
  • Blood tests (many different ones) to get baseline information
  • DNA test confirmed I had MTHFR mutations effecting metabolism
  • Begin to Heal vitamin, mineral and micro-nutrient Deficiencies
  • Learn how to properly maintain balanced electrolytes
  • Clear out detox pathways to prepare for detoxing
  • Begin to slowly add in co-factors necessary for later steps
  • Begin simple stretching / easy beginner yoga to help circulation clean gunk out
  • Detox parasites – Cure systemic bacterial overgrowths / infections
  • Heal the gut biome with proper types and amounts of probiotics (many are not proper)
  • Replace household products, body producs and foods that have toxins, carcinogenic substances, endocrine disrupters,  … (sls, aluminum, “fragrance”, anything 3+ on EWG’s site) – use cleaner / healthier alternatives
  • Upgrade supplementation to help support deeper healing processes
  • Cure leaky gut
  • Detox heavy metals
  • Eliminate ALL sources of stress – “friends”, work schedule, horror movies, anything that stressed me out.
  • Eliminate “inflammatory” foods and learn how to reduce systemic inflammation
  • Eliminate American wheat from diet (glyphosate) and stop eating any GMO products (especially corn, soy)
  • Sleep 8-10 hours a day starting at 10:30pm
  • Drink only pH-balanced distilled water
  • Eliminate problematic diet issues – for a long time I had to drop all alcohol, gluten, dairy, and tons of foods that were causing me issues
  • Learn a properly balanced nutrient-dense meal-planning structure
  • Learn how to deal with my genetic mutations effecting metabolism
  • Slowly add in tiny efforts of 7-minute HIIT cycles, anything is good (ie: heal insulin resistence and restore insulin sensitivity to reduce hypoglycemia stresses)
  • Get my systemic imbalances under control (as Dr. Lam says, the OAT axis – more in a bit).
  • Slowly add in supplements specific to my body profile to support healthy function for my MTHFR mutations and adrenal fatigue and insulin resistance and estrogen dominance etc.
  • Slowly re-grow mitochondria that were probably devastated, be sure other items stay in balance while adding new energy-producers to the body – they will consume more resources.
  • Eat only organic, whole, live foods whenever possible, at least 6 fist-sized servings per day.
  • As systems heal, you need less of some bits of previous steps, and more of others.  Over time I could add allergen-foods back into my diet.  I’m not so diet-restricted anymore.  Over time I could take less of some supplements.  I expect more resiliency to grow with time so I can wean myself off more of the (enormous numbers) of supplements I’ve had to take over the years.
In short —
I had to learn a ton.  I had to learn a ton about my body and step-by-step how it responded to various supplements and combinations.  I had to learn what each and every symptom meant, and what would give my body what it needed.
Most importantly, I had to learn that Every Day is Constant Adjustment – like riding a bike.  No Static Plan Works.  I had to learn how to carefully listen to my body and learn what to do to re-adjust the handle-bars every few steps along the way to maintain and grow my balance.
The good news is that now:
  • I sleep through the night – OFTEN
  • Especially on good days, I can often do physical things for myself again – I can sometimes cook, clean my own house again, shop for my own groceries again – all things I could not do literally for YEARS.
  • I’m getting my fibroids reduced and my menorrhagia under control – I bleed 1/3 as much as I used to each month, almost a normal (2-4 days heavy) cycle where previously it was 7-15 heavy days with no days off in between.  I expect this to continue to improve as I do another cycle of the “fibroid heal” combo I am using.
  • I can do bits of 7-minute HIIT workouts that I could do NOTHING of before
  • I’m now bedridden roughly only 5-7 days a month, and up to 60% of my previous functionality on good days — where I had been bedridden for months at a time and extremely weak even when I was ‘better’.
  • I have better diet resiliency – I can eat some of the foods I used to love, as long as I don’t overdo it or do it too often.
  • My RLS symptoms are MUCH more rare and lighter now, and I usually can eliminate them within minutes (drink water, balance my electrolytes, take tissue salts, eat a bit of salt, or I need to eat a snack)
  • My fall hay fever is far, far more mild, and I never get the complications I had in college (bronchitis, asthma symptoms, borderline pneumonia)
  • My mood, mental clarity and ability to engage projects has improved radically
I had to make a lot of changes to my life and diet and habits, and STILL I have a way to go to get back to the activity level I could do in my 20s and 30s.
I know – these are broad brush strokes without specific “how to”s.  That would take a lot more time, but I can offer a few leads and starting details about things I’m doing by starting here:
Things improved for me when I was first introduced to Functional Medicine (osteopaths).  Conventional (allopathic) medical  doctors were an absolute horror to deal with, borderline criminal in things they said to me, refusing to give me tests I explicitly asked for to discover or rule-out pre-clinical imbalances, the amount of money they charged me for NO help at all, treatment full of negligence, misinformation, drug-pushing (including substances that should not have been suggested for my body which exacerbated my issues) and lack of education.  Functional Medicine trained doctors are the only medical practitioners I now trust.
I then got more improvement using things I learned from Dr. Ben Lynch ( plus youtube introductory videos with visuals) and Dr. Andrew Rosenberg (Boise, Red Mountain) materials online (website and introductory youtube videos).
I added things I learned from them, to the base protocol I was already using from Dr. Lam for Adrenal Exhaustion, and started to really see radical improvements.
“Bedridden” is a very hard place to start.  Your body may need detox (get the garbage out and unclog) first and foremost (like mine did) before you add in any new things to help you heal (diet, supplements, etc).
But if you’re already super low in physical resources, detoxes can be especially draining and devastating.  Most of this process, I lived alone, and some days I could barely make it from my bed to the bathroom.  Showering meant several black-out episodes – if I could shower at all.  I’d black out just trying to walk to the kitchen for food.  I had no energy, so very often I couldn’t manage to cook or even feed myself properly.
Do you have support?  I wish I had had someone who lived with me who could have helped me cook, and help me track my process and heal faster.  Some days my brain fog was so bad I couldn’t even remember what supplements I’d taken a few hours earlier.  I had to learn to build written structures to help me keep track of things.
I started out with blood-tests (, summer sale) to find out a baseline of what was going on.  So much of my body was off:
  • I got a comprehensive nutrient panel – I had tons of deficiencies – iodine, zinc, B12, D, K, Iron, Calcium, magnesium, and others.
  • I got a wide-spectrum food sensitivities and allergies test – turned out tons of my daily foods were allergens for me — rice, garlic, dairy, avocado, things I ate every day…
  • I got a comprehensive stress-panel (cortisol, dhea, adrenal function), and comprehensive endocrine panels (estrogens, testosterone, much more) and found out that I had 3 systems in failure — my adrenal system, my thyroid system and my ovarian system (hormones) were totally out of whack.
  • I got a DNA test for MTHFR and found out I have a genetic mutation that contributes to (so many issues I have had) – adrenal fatigue, insomnia, estrogen dominance that lead to fibroids, so much more.  Turns out all these things were preventable if I had been educated by the right doctors 20 or 30 years ago.
  • I also learned that some of my difficulties related to my previously diagnosed heart murmur – symptoms consistent with congestive heart issues (also MTHFR-related)
I learned that my food sensitivities were a result of gluten-induced and candida-induced leaky gut.  I had to deal with that too, heal the gut lining and eliminate the culprits.  I still continue using l-glutamine and l-lycine to keep my gut lining healthier.
But getting the baseline status information wasn’t enough.  When I started taking supplements and products to heal my deficiencies or to detox candida, I had horrible issues.
You see, I had estrogen dominance, which had clogged my detox pathways, so any detox or upgrades I tried only made me worse at first.
So then I started using molybdenum, milk thistle, NAC, and quercetin daily and doing regular simple liver/kidney cleanses to clean out and support my detox pathways.  I used a simple parsley tea for liver cleansing, and simple lemon-water for kidney cleansing.  I have to keep doing them periodically, because I’m still detoxing and healing my system more and more deeply.
I couldn’t even eat fruit for a long time, because the sugars would spike the systemic candida overgrowth and knock me out again.  I had to do an elimination diet and slowly re-add foods back in later as I got my candida, inflammation and food allergies under control.  I’m still getting rid of parasites.  But I can only do one layer at a time, like peeling an onion.  Otherwise my body can’t handle the load and it shuts down again.
So keep in mind, even WITH cleaner detox pathways, my system was so weak at first that each new step I learned I had horrible results before I got better — detox creates Herxheimer reactions in the body, and each baby-step I added to healing my body, I often had to live through the detox reactions.  This taught me that I had to supplement low-B vitamins (B1-B6), molybdenum, NAC, etc and NON-FOLIC-ACID multi-vitamins to help with detoxing and healing.  I also had to slowly pulse in liposomal glutathione to help the body cell-division to create new tissue for my healing.
Also because my system was so very weak, each detox (especially candida detoxes) resulted in UTIs and yeast infections.  So then I had to learn to be sure I used D-Mannose and FemDophilus every detox to protect my excretory channels from infections.
So anyway, going back to my overview list at the top of the email –
I’ve done a ton.
I don’t know what you need to do – you need to get the proper support that suits your unique body situation, body history and family medical history.
I do recommend starting out with a battery of baseline tests and I HIGHLY recommend finding a Functional Medicine Doctor who is Well Experienced in Adrenal Exhaustion, Lyme Disease, Metabolic Disorders and MTHFR.
Can you afford that?  I couldn’t, so I had to educate myself more and more and more and learn a ton.  I made many mistakes along the way.  I also learned a lot.
If you want to ask me questions, feel free.  If you want to talk about your list of symptoms and history, I’ll listen.  Just know that I’m NOT a doctor and CANNOT tell you steps that will work for You.
But I Can tell you a ton about what I did, what worked for me, what didn’t, and what I learned.
I hope this helps, Jody.
Let me know if you want to talk more.

Part 3 – Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion Series

— Update August 2016 —

I did post a protocol update – click here.

— Update January 2016 —–

After having some success but many failures on this protocol, I wound up discovering a new protocol that is working much, much better. If you would like more detail about what I’m doing, please email me directly. I may put up a post later this year about it.

—- original post —–


Well, it’s been about a year since my last post on Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion. You can find my first blog post on this subject here.  The Part 2 is here.

Again today someone asked me about my protocol.  She has AF, and a daughter.  She also suffers from nausea.

Here’s what I wrote.  I make no income from the links below; I’m merely sharing my life with others. I hope it can help others to educate themselves. Doctors dismissed my symptoms for years, only now can I find doctors who know how to recognize and attend to AF and AE.  The more we can share experience, the more we can all learn and find answers.



Hi Nicoletta,

I’m sorry you’re having such problems.  Especially with a daughter, it’s not good.
Please know – I am not a doctor – and I had to treat my own level of AF (there are 4 Stages, and each stage must be treated differently).  I had a very bad stage – Stage 3C Adrenal Exhaustion where I was bedridden for 45 days – which is now better.  I need to run new tests, but I think I’m around stage 3A or stage 2 now.
If you’re nauseous, you need to identify why.  Is it a toxin?  Is it dehydration?  Is it food allergy or food imbalance?  Or a supplement mistake?  Or something else?  I can’t help you with this – you need to find it.  I did have some nausea from dehydration but when I started my electrolyte drinks and diet protocol (see below) then it stopped.  I also had nausea once from a bad iron supplement and when I switched it went away.
I cannot be responsible for any outcomes from what you choose to do – I can only report what I did.  Please do your own study and discover what is best for your body and your situation.  Please call doctors who are trained in adrenal exhaustion like I did and get help too.
I am not yet finished healing my AE.  I would be better but I was inconsistent with my protocol.  Healing adrenal exhaustion can take years.  I’m only now able to take small amounts of ginseng and other restorative adaptogens, but only because I’ve gotten so much better.
My protocol includes diet changes, life changes, sleep changes, and exercise changes.
Also – I had other issues – fibroids, estrogen dominance issues (my nipples turn black and I had terrible mood swings), I have low blood sugar issues, and I had many infections.  I also had electrolyte imbalances that caused me migraines.  I also drank too much water – 4-9 liters a day – which saturated my body so the cells could not get bathed in the nutrients they needed and I had to urinate all the time.  Also, my metabolism had slowed – I had frequent constipation and low thyroid counts (see below).  I also had exercise intolerance – I would get dizzy and black out if I stood even to cook, and I couldn’t do more than 5 or 10 minutes of any exercise without having trouble (blacking out and having muscle pain in my arms and legs).
I built my protocol after a lot a lot a lot of research.  Now, I am rebuilding my exercise endurance, I don’t have infections, I am able to cook and clean my house again…  In the summer and fall I would take my bike out and ride 6 miles 2 or 3 times a week.  Until late fall I could walk a half mile or 3/4 mile 3 times a week.
I’m improving.
But – Please do your research.  The wrong choices can make you worse.
I did this:
– I did a lot, a lot, a lot of reading on this website:
– I went to an osteopath who would give me a comprehensive blood test to determine any deficiencies – I had many deficiencies – Magnesium, Vit A, D, E, K, Iron, B-12, all were too low.  I had to fix this problem first.
– I got a test to establish what stage Adrenal Fatigue I was in.  I used this at-home test:  
– I took my results to 3 sources to confirm I was stage 3C Adrenal Fatigue.
– I called Dr. Lam to get help by phone – I got phone and email consultations from him.
– Finally Dr. Lam told me I was too extreme in AE and he couldn’t help me more.  I used information I learned from his site and Dr. Wilson’s site to build my own protocol of supplements, I changed my diet, changed my life habits, and after many adjustments and experimentation I started to see results.
This is the majority of my protocol:
– I retired my business and changed my life to a Low Stress one, part-time work only, no commuting in traffic, no arguments with friends or family; I started spending less time with stressful people and got help to get things done (grocery delivery, home care, etc).
– I am supposed to go to bed by 10pm, sleep in total darkness with an eye mask (except for the days around the full moon where I use no eye mask), and then I sleep until my body is ready to wake – usually 10 or 11 hours.  Sometimes I do wrong and I go to bed too late.  I always pay a price for this.
– 30 minute walk – not too fast – 3 times a week.  At first I could only do 5 minutes each exercise day.  I built up over time.  I am still recovering my stamina.  Now I am beginning the 12-minute Athlete program but I can only do the first set of exercises so far, and only a few each.
– Get at least 20min of sunshine a day, as often as I can.  When I do, I feel better.  When I don’t, I feel worse.
– Reduce water intake to only when I am thirsty; keep electrolytes balanced by taking 8 oz electrolyte drink 3 times a week or whenever I have headaches or whenever water doesn’t taste good anymore – Electrolyte drink: 1/2 fresh organic squeezed lemon juice + 1/2 tsp Himalayan sea salt in 8 oz water.
– Every meal, 2 fistfulls of above-ground organic vegetables – cooked, not raw.  Mostly cabbage family – cauliflower, broccoli, chinese broccoli, brussels sprouts.  Also avocado (raw), asparagus (cooked), kale, chard, bok choi, spinach.
– Every meal, high fiber.  I eat a lot of avocado, coconut flour, hemp seeds, chia seeds, hemp protein powder (high protein and high fiber).  I also add inulin fiber to meals and drinks when there isn’t good fiber in the meal (ex: when I’m eating rice or brown rice pasta).
– Every meal, some Good Fats – and only good fats – butter is good, and olive oil, coconut oil (always only organic sources, cold-pressed, extra virgin, etc.) and omega oils higher in omega 3 than omega 6 and 9
– Until 6pm, each meal I eat 20g protein each meal (about the size of my palm of meat, organic, grass-fed animals only), up to 60g/day.
– No protein after 7pm.  Only veggies + good fats or fiber + good fats (ex: coconut flour muffin with butter and low protein).
– Low Carb – each meal, no more than 30-50g carb – and only complex carbs (sweet potato, whole brown rice, etc.)
– If I could drink raw milk and eat raw butter, I would do that too.
– I eliminated all toxins and eat only healthy organic natural foods – No more wheat with gluten (only brown rice pasta), no more refined sugar (only raw organic honey, and very little, or blueberries or raspberries only, or maca powder or lucuma powder for sweeteners – whole food), no soy, no corn, no more caffeine, no more alcohol, no nitrates/nitrites…. no additives ….no dyes…no toxins.  No more fish/shrimp (mercury load) – if I must eat them I try to eat them with a clove of cooked garlic to eliminate the mercury.  Sardines are ok though.  No pork.  I hope to return to 1/2 glass of wine per day after I heal more.
— 3 weeks on, 1 week off, then repeat —
– 8 oz water with 3 powders in it – 1 tsp collagen powder , 1 tsp whole green food powder and 1/2 tsp yaeyama chlorella powder
– Thyadine Colloidal Iodine drops (I started with 1 drop a day, now I am up to 5 a day).
– 1 Centrum Silver multivitamin (if I forget a day, I take 2 the next day)
– 500-1000mg Vit C with Bioflavinoids  (at first it made me jittery, so I had to take less or switch the kind of Vit C)
– 1000 mcg Chromium Picolinate
– 200 mcg Selenium
– 15,000 IU Palmitate Vit A (competes with Vit E, so don’t take A+E together)
– For breakfast I usually have 2 eggs cooked with butter, 1 slice of gluten-free toast, 1 cup of hemp protein shake with 1 tsp Collagen powder in it (link above).
– 27 mg Chelated Iron as (for my anemia – calcium interferes with iron uptake so don’t take them together)
– B-17 for my fibroids (Novodalin), B12, B-complex with B-6 and other B vitamins
– 1000 mcg Folic Acid
– 800 IU Vitamin E (competes with Vit A, so don’t take A+E together)
– 200 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (makes free radicals so I take 2 Vit E tabs, 800 IU)
– 5K IU Vit D
– 2200 mg Vitamin K complex with K1, K2
– Biotin (I’m sorry I can’t find the bottle)
– 200 mg CoQ10 for anti-aging and to help my metabolism
– Zinc (I’m sorry I can’t find the bottle)
– 800 mg DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice)
– Dim Pro – 3-4 capsules if I see any symptoms or mood swings; 1-2 a day otherwise.
– 1000 mg Calcium Citrate
– 500mg elemental chelated Magnesium
– 500 mg L-Glutamine
– 1000-2000 mg L-Lycene
– Omega oils with 3 times as much Omega 3 as Omega 6/9.
– Collagen powder in my food
When I used to have lots of infections – I treated any infections with high quality 10-20ppm colloidal silver (not ionic silver).  As a result I don’t have infections so much anymore.  I ingest 1-3 Tbsp colloidal silver per day, I spray colloidal silver on topical issues, and I use colloidal silver for ear infections.  I spray it in my eyes if I have eye infections. I inhale colloidal silver when I have any breathing problems or a cold.  I use colloidal silver as a mouthwash.  I feed my dog a few drops colloidal silver in her water each week to prevent tooth decay.  Colloidal silver gets rid of infections very quickly – it also makes me thirsty so I have to drink more water when I use it.
I had trouble with candida (urinary tract infections).  For this I took 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 8oz water, and eat plain yogurt, and my symptoms go away in 24hrs.  I also occasionally drink 4-8oz Kefir to help with intestinal flora balance.
– I had a melatonin deficiency – so I sometimes take .5mg Time Release Melatonin at night.  Melatonin also helps prevent many diseases.
– Sometimes I wake with night-time hunger / insomnia.  In this case I take Omega oils and magnesium, a bit of water or sometimes an electrolyte drink, and go back to sleep.  Because I started to gain a lot of belly weight and pounds from cortisol issues, now I’m also trying 1 Irvingia tablet if I wake in the night.
As you can see, this is not easy.  Most of it I had to start little by little and built up.  It didn’t take me long to get off refined sugar, but it took me a long time to get gluten-free.  It took me a while to learn how to eat and buy organic.  I also often hate taking this many supplements.  But when I stop taking them, my energy levels drain away.  I’m convinced that food no longer carries the nutritional value it used to, and I’m having to repair lost stores in my body.
So I hope this answers your question.  Again, please do your own research, so that you can best understand your own body.  Do not outsource your thinking.
Wishing you many blessings for quick and easy recovery,

Part 2 – Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion Series


Today I answered questions again from someone asking about my experiences with AF/AE.

You can find my first blog post on this subject here.  Part 3 is here.  I then posted a protocol update – click here.

— Previous Post —


I have a few questions.

1. Is it common for people with AF to seek stimulants like speed or ADHD medications (ritalin or adderral?) And therefore is it possible to mistake fatigue as a type of depression?

2. Can AF lead to muscular pain, or nervous symptom irritation that leads to pain? If so, what tpye of pain?

3. What’s the best nutrient diet for people with AF? A need for specific nutrients? Bless you for being so kind.

My responses:

1.) I have not done extensive enough research to know what is common or not or how that is interpreted. I do believe that we in the US take too many stimulants and medications into our bodies as a coping mechanisms – coffee, sugar, ginseng, pharmaceuticals. I do believe that this creates a rebound crash in our systems – sugar lows, caffeine withdrawals, and blood sugar crashes are examples. Do I think it’s possible to mistake fatigue and body depletions as depression? Absolutely.

2.) Again, I am not a clinical expert, so I cannot say that I’m qualified to answer your question. However, I do believe I see a connection in my own body between AF/AE and pain. I believe that depletions of iron, magnesium, calcium, and salt in my system lead to nervous system problems: migranes, muscle twitches and RLS, painful leg spasms, back pain. I believe that the estrogen dominance (hormone imbalances) sourced in AF/AE have contributed to swelling, leading to joint pain, breast pain, PMS, and more. I believe calcium uptake problems (due to other depletions) has lead to tooth problems (and pain). So yes, I believe there’s a connection between AF/AE and pain in my body of many kinds.

3.) Did you read my first blog post on this subject? There Is No One Best Nutrient Diet. I can tell you what I did that worked for me, But You Must Do A Thorough Assessment For Your History, Your Symptoms, And Your Blood Test Results. Please go read my blog post again. Also – nutrient needs CHANGE through the course of a healing duration. You Must Get Knowledgeable, Track Changes and Do Many Experiments or Hire Someone Who Is Capable Of Tracking For You. I hope this is very clear. People have Gotten Worse from using someone else’s healing protocol. Don’t Do That. After you have your baseline blood tests done and have the results, let me know if you want to work with me as a consultant to support you – and if you will consult a doctor with cure history for AE/AF.

Blessings to you too 🙂

Hope this helps,

Part 1 – My Path to Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion Recovery

Hi again,

Well, the more I talk about my successes and progress recovering from Adrenal Exhaustion, the more folks ask me what I did to get here.  Here are links where you can find my Part 2 and Part 3 writings in this series.

I then posted a protocol update – click here.

— Previous Post —

To be clear, I didn’t (yet) overcome Adrenal Fatigue (AF). What is accurate is that I’m still in recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion, which is far worse that AF, and in progress; I expect to be in continuing recovery for at least another 2 years.

A year or so ago I was Stage 3C Adrenal Exhaustion (AE), badly enough that at one point I was bedridden for 45 days. Making food was difficult; even standing and walking 20 feet to my kitchen was difficult. Exercise or standing for more than 10 minutes was out of the question.

I’m not yet done, but in the last year I have progressed to Stage 3A, or maybe at the end of Stage 2, which is the deep end of the Adrenal Fatigue spectrum. I now dance ballroom dance 90min a day, once a week, exercise on my bicycle trainer and do aerobics 2-3 times a week, cook without difficulty, and can enjoy long walks through stores without difficulty again.

I’m healing.

I look forward to progressing back to Stage 1, and then normal function altogether, as I continue consistent practice on my personalized protocols.

To explain how I got here is quite detailed, and very unique to a lot of investigation, awareness about my history, tests I did, and experiments I’ve done to see what my body needed, how much and when.

However, I wrote this post in reply to someone looking for a first step toward recovery.

When I was first concerned I may have AE or AF, I first:

a.) got a broad spectrum blood panel at my local AF-trained osteopath to check for all deficiencies (in my case I had many – vit k, b12, vit d, vit a, iron, and others)

b.) got a comprehensive hormone / adrenal function home test kit – I use the Canary Club 10-test kit.

These tests are not perfect, but they did give me baseline numbers to investigate, such as DHEA, cortisol levels, testosterone/estrogen (which drop low in AE), thyroid function information, etc. As expected, my testosterone was shot, DHEA way off, cortisol non-existent, and many other indicators congruent with Stage 3C AE.

With that information I had a start.

I then started informing myself with as many videos and articles as I could on Dr. Lam’s site – – he has a whole section dedicated to AF and AE, and pages upon pages of information in each article.

Each section also has a 9-min video overview to make intro’s easy.

I would also recommend you find a wholistic practitioner who has prior experience with AF and AE, including CURE history. I did work with Dr. Lam for a time, and probably will go back to him again after I make more progress, but my case was severe enough that he was reluctant to work with me, so I had to establish my own initial protocols based on extensive research and based on what I learned about my unique version of this condition. I did also do research from other doctors – however I found that other approaches did not work for me.

Let me repeat that – many people have suffered ill-effects by mimicking someone else’s AF/AE healing path. Don’t Do This. You need to get informed, and find the right protocol for Your body and Your history – and that takes time, repeat investigations, and tracking. If you don’t trust yourself to do that, hire someone who you do trust to help you with it.

Worse, the healing path is NOT a consistent one. You need to make adjustments to your protocol that are accurate to the peaks and curves of your own body’s responses and healing. If you do not, you can make your body worse.

As I said, in my case I had AE so severe that even Dr. Lam was reticent to work with me, but that didn’t deter me. I learned that AE is difficult to recover from; some never do, and in my case I had to expect a 3+ year healing trajectory. In hindsight, I realize I had early-stage AF in my teens and early 20s, and I had been in a barely perceptible decline ever since.

People in Stage 1 and 2 AF do better and enjoy far, far shorter healing trajectories.

It’s worth repeating that Everyone Is Unique – each person’s path to recovery is different; there are NO single paths that work for everyone. You need to pay attention to everything you change in your routines, and track the impact of those changes.

In my case, my protocols have been a comprehensive mix of supplementation, dietary changes, changes in sleep-habits, changes to reduce or eliminate factors that would contribute to taxing my system, and increases in my practices for emotional healing and release work (which I’ve published previously here in my blog and in my TIA Coach Certification School Materials).

For a detailed account of my protocols (Part 2 of my Adrenal Exhaustion Path to Recovery), email me or stay tuned.

If you want permanent recovery, be prepared to take on a whole-system approach.

We can talk about that more, if you want to, once you have a baseline idea of where you are in the AF/AE scale, and what deficiencies you do or don’t have. I’m also available as an ongoing consultant to those with AF/AE – however this is NOT a replacement for seeking the advice of a licensed medical professional with AE/AF experience.

For now, I hope this article helps as a first step.

If you want, let me know what you learn. Living with AF/AE can be hard. I often felt lonely and ashamed. People expect you to have the same responses to life that they have, and we simply don’t. It helps to have friends who understand.

Many blessings to you for vitality, quick recovery, and whole health,

Question from someone on my Facebook Page:

Q: You are the third person this week who has shown up for me with this problem. Is it an epidemic amongst the conscious helpers?

My response: I do think it’s epidemic, and I do think it’s beyond the “light workers”/”conscious helpers” – I’ve seen it rampant among many people on the Standard American Diet, people who wake to alarms, people who sleep less than 9 hours a night. I believe (and have read) that degrees of AF and AE are so rampant that upwards of 85% of Americans aged 20-50 may have some degree of it, and that we’re only beginning to see the tip of the iceberg which, when unnoticed, worsens into more “clinical” mainstream ailments like Diabetes, breast and uterine cancer, prostate cancer, hyperinsulinemia, hypothyroidism, etc. Worse, simple steps make a huge difference and yet our society does not teach or prioritize these things in the mainstream: getting off refined carbs (pasta, sugars, etc) – which is actually a true addiction, proper dietary balance (ex: eating 6-8 fistfuls of above-ground veggies per day, eating 20g lean protein 3x’s/day, eating good fats with the protein, combining fiber against any complex carb that is eaten, etc), accurate supplementation (ex: the RDA for iodine is painfully insufficient and results in thyroid disorders), simple exercise of 3 kinds (flexibility, strength and endurance, 10min each 3x’s/week). I hope that by writing this it will help others to find their way out of Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion as well.

Thank you Love!

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