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Big Changes – an Update

Hi ūüôā ¬†How are you?

Well, I’ve not posted in a long time, and there was a gap between my last post and the ones prior.

In short, there are big changes afoot, and nothing has seemed post-worthy to me in a long time.

What changed?  Why, thank you for asking!

In short (again?), I spent 20 years of my life trying to contribute to the evolution of consciousness. ¬†“Let’s change the world for the better!” said my eternally optimistic idealist.

Then something shifted in me.

I realized that Great Order revels in Experience, and in that, All colors of the rainbow are going to manifest and express themselves.  Trying to change the world is like trying to force the whole rainbow to get yellow instead of being what it is.

Suddenly, there’s nowhere to go. ¬†Nothing needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘changed’. ¬†Evolution Is. ¬†Great Order, Is.

“What about dying babies and mass murderers,” you ask, aghast? ¬†Sure. ¬†What about Corporate abuses of power, Political corruption, human corruption for that matter? ¬†What about Nibiru and the coming Ice Age and devastating freak weather threatening our crops, our food production and our very survival? ¬†What about that awful Rap music?!!

*sigh* ¬†Do what you need to do, until you can’t do it anymore. ¬†If you need to resist gays, or Republicans, or Liberals, or fear of death or whatever, then you¬†haven’t yet learned that what you resist persists. ¬†That’s ok. ¬†Keep doing what you need to do until you can’t do it anymore.

Me, I’ve realized that the Face of Love (God, Source, Emergence) has universal core values under every Creation, and I’m more interested in seeing how Emergence chooses to Express Herself/Myself and to grok the underlying core value (and support That, which obsoletes distorted expressions) than to push against things in the ever re-cycling “revolution” attitude where the oppressed become the new oppressors.

Yes, it’s true that not all of Creation is Life Serving. ¬†Yes, it’s true that I still tend toward Life Serving choices for the most part.

But I also see that nothing is universally “right” or “wrong” – even water can kill you in certain contexts. ¬†I do what I can to interrupt¬†“should-ing on” myself or others, and¬†look instead to support the Core Values. ¬†In those Expressions of Self I see only Love. ¬†Sometimes, Life makes Love¬†As War. ¬†It just Is.

So instead of should-ing or pushing against it, I now see all of Great Order in terms of Her vibrationally opposing sine waves, antinodes and nodal points.  Nothing is fixed, everything is in motion, evolving, being magnitized toward its resolution (nodal point) or into more vivid Autonomy and Experiencing and Self-Expression and Uniqueness (anti-nodes).

We don’t have to push the river to get it to bend a certain way – the river will find her own resolution.

Does that mean I sit on the couch all day and eat BonBons? ¬†No, I knit. ¬†Ha just kidding. ¬†No, I’m not advocating non-action. ¬†Chop Wood / Carry Water still applies. ¬†My 3D aspect still earns income to direct 3rd Dimensional energy as I wish. ¬†I still actively engage¬†my 4th Dimensional and Long Body growth / evolution. ¬†I still act, when needed, in protective use of force if that is called for. ¬†If I’m cornered I still pull out Kali to Kick Ass. ¬†I still create when I am moved to create.

However, I¬†also¬†don’t add to the ambient noise of human activity just because my immature shadow-aspects have a knee-jerk reaction to spit forth. ¬†I’m more aware of the ambient field, the scattered noise, the distortions, and the reality¬†that all Expressions are inherently full of Distortion (points away from the nodal point, looking for resolution).

So now my choices are coming out of a different Being.

Thank goodness. ¬†It’s way less stressful here.

And if this doesn’t make sense to you, that’s ok.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at.


– Maya

Sacred Geometry and The Nature of Everything

Thanks to an inspiration on Facebook, I am posting this Q and A to help anyone who is interested understand the connection between Sacred Geometry and … well … Everything.

If you’d like to see my facebook pictures in the post, I’m at – or you can see previous posts on this blog for more info on sacred geometry and nature.


Me: Yum!! Sacred Geometry Rocks. The Nature of Nature, Baby! Right under our noses.

JBN: What does this mean in simple terms (English) ?

Me: The YinYang symbol is a 2-dimensional symbol that is derived from (and represents) a dynamic 4-dimensional, toroidal structure that is at the root of Nature / SpaceTimeReality as we know it.

JBN: May I know what the practical application of this in we everyday life ?

Me: Sure. Just like the light-bulb, there are many practical applications of this tool depending on how broad or narrow your daily life is. For example – Some people are applying toroidal dynamics to create new, improved electricity circuits that operate on less power and generate electricity as they work (look up Keppe Motors). Some are applying toroidal dynamics to understand the electro-magnetic dynamics in the human body (your heart and brain are both sources of an electro-magnetic field). This toroidal behavior is part of the way everything in our physical Nature works – from the smallest to the largest (google physicists Nassim Haramein and if you can bear his languaging Walter Russell’s work, who discovered some of the elements on our periodic chart). There are more books and science sources coming out daily realizing the link between sacred geometry and all of the fabric of our lives (ex: the link I put up about jewel universe – here¬†). Some are even applying knowledge of these dynamics to create alternatives to water generation and propulsion (Keshe). This same structure is related to the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life and the Sri Yantra – they are all 2-dimensional representations of the same main structures (see the photos in my albums). We see the connection in 3D in a new sound-related science called Cymatics; this relates directly to music and has possible medicinal applications (Rife). As we human beings learn how to represent toroidal dynamics in math, we are simplifying and correcting our understanding of the universe – everything from sub-atomic particle behavior to the way hurricanes and tornadoes work (there’s a yin/yang dynamic visible at the top of a hurricane), to the way galactic bodies work (the arms on the Milky Way galaxy and the way quasars behave, which is directly related to how our sun behaves) – (see also this link ). Some are applying the new understandings in medicine as well. The shift in the way we understand reality is no less important or applicable as when we human beings stopped thinking the Earth was flat. Now because I’m interested in everything from healing to music to alternative energy to science to medicine to art to ancient history, and because I believe in informing myself when more accurate perspectives of reality are discovered, this is a part of my daily life, every day. Depending on your scope of interest, I hope this’ll help show ways advances in electricity, science, medicine and more might be related to your everyday life.

PS:¬†If you want a real trip through 6 dimensions, turn off your sound and watch this: ūüėČ

Today’s Practice – Finding God in “Failures”

If God is in everything – then God is in things I dislike, too. Huh. How about that.

Then Guidance said, “To believe in people again – do you believe in You?”

It’s true, I’m sad about my…my behaviors…my life’s imperfections…my failures….

Then Guidance said, “If that too is God – is a perfect part of Great Order – can you find God in the imperfections? Can you find peace with the God alive in your own mistakes and imperfections?”

“Forgive your own failures – see God in all things you call failures – and you’ll find peace with other people again.”

The Mystery of 12 – Sacred Geometry

(aka – How Sacred Geometry Relates to Physics)

I wanted to upload this, an excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend online about my recent studies into sacred geometry and how I see it overlap plasma physics and Rodin math and Haramein Unified Theory etc etc etc – and why all of this has me fascinated about the number 12.

My study of sacred geometry keeps bringing me back to the structures based on 3 (triangle), 4 (tetrahedron), and the way these spin together into shapes with a 12-point star at the very center…which IMO are foundational to both the structure of Nature, aether and Consciousness and the linear means to describe the structure of Consciousness.

For example, if you build out a 12-pointed star with its equator made up of points aligned, you get first a cuboctahedron (notice the linear alignment of north and south hemispheres), and if you build it out more you get a tetrahedron (divine Masculine, fire) and then in polarity combination the star tetrahedron (union of the masculine and feminine) and then it builds out to an interesting result – the Tantric Terra Prana Star, which has all sorts of relevant meaning and, I believe, is one key to healing our DNA (with mostly inactive base pairs). Interestingly enough, if you turn this Tantric Terra Prana Star to the correct angle, or even turn just a tetragrammaton oo did I say that, I mean, a tetrahedron, you see a cube, and certain studies of the cosmos have shown that enormous stellar configurations can be correlated to points on cubes… This also relates to some of Walter Russell’s work…

On the other hand, instead of a 12-pointed star with an equator, if you build out a 12-pointed star comprised of tetrahedrons such that the equator alternates points to the north and south hemispheres, you first get an icosohedron (notice the 10 alternating triangles at the equator), and if you build it out more you get a round construct (the sacred feminine) containing geometry identical to that in the Seed / Flower of Life geometry, including geometry of the vesica pisces, which describes how cells divide and which also relates to the Qabalah, and more. This structure, miraculously, shows us the wave dynamics inherent in spirals, DNA, music, wave physics, resonance, octaves, cymatics, etc.

(Fwiw, I believe studies of aether science / plasma physics will eventually land at noticing what I have noticed.)

So in short, if you look at the linear structure, you can use the geometry to predict and point to locations of phenomena in coherent space (ex: the proportions and math mirror proportions reflected in Nature), and if you look at the rounded/non-linear structure you actually see waves, spirals, phi, and other properties inherent in the manifestation of Nature.

Hopefully now you might see why I’ve gotten so interested in sacred geometry. ūüėČ

I also think that this core – 12 – is an incredibly interesting as a number, for various reasons I’ll leave for another time (but began to allude to in this post.)

Who followed that?

Let’s talk!

Last iOS App Version Pls!

As a somewhat-newbie-mac-user, I found this / posted this as helpful for folks wanting to revert iOS apps back to prior versions…

Why am I posting this here?

Well it’s dawned on me that I’ve not shared, here, the wide range of things I have as hobbies… I’m learning to sew now, I’m considering taking on a 30-day study in iOS app dev next month on my Mac OS X, and why not share my diversity here…?

Plus it gives me a quick way to find this link again in the future.

Playful wink,

Personal Replicators – REAL

Imagine Personal or Community-Owned REPLICATORS.

What if you could design a 3D object including moving parts, and have it PRODUCED and in your hand the SAME DAY?  

What if you could scan an object, then duplicate it – including moving parts, the same day?

I’m not joking – this is real, and it already exists today.

Check this out!

Just imagine the possibilities for bringing manufacturing back to the local level instead of sending everything out to China.

RIGHT NOW, you can get a PERSONAL 3d printer for as little as $600-$1500, with materials cartridges costing (in the ballpark of) $9 a cubic inch of material. Here’s proof.

Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem! ¬†Did you know that RIGHT NOW, you can go online, design your 3D object in a variety of materials, have it “printed” for you and in your hands in as little as 10 days, for a cost as little as $25 or $40 (depending on the material you use)? ¬†Think of what this means for inventors. ¬†You can go from idea to working prototype in DAYS. Here’s just one 3D printer I found –

And they are just one of MANY 3D printer services out there. Google it, you’ll see!

You could go to the website today, create a project of your dreams, and Shapeways will even let you SELL it on their website! You even have your choice of materials – plastics, sandstone, stainless steel, even sterling silver.

This blows my mind. And it’s just the beginning of this industry. Remember how quickly color printers became a standard household item?

What if you walked over to your home replicator, looked at the menu of thousands of previously scanned tools, gadgets, appliances, objects, art, etc – simply clicked one you want, pressed “print” and there it is in your hands?

Welcome to our future, kids!


Wow. Ma'at Mathematics

What a find.

Here’s a YouTube video overviewing, at mind-bending speed, the connections between concepts attributed to the West (like math, logic, and physics) and ancient Egypt:


I then followed the rabbit hole back to the originators of the video, here:

Holy Cats Batman. Did you *see* the news headlines and books there??

I seriously need to learn to speed-read or something.

They’re connected to this site I was surprised to see:

I don’t know how or why, but all roads seem to keep leading me back to the same core batch of topics – Egypt, the ancient wisdom, sacred geometry and mathematics, structures of the universe and of consciousness, 2012, UFOs, cymatics and vibrational dynamics at large.

I emailed the owner of ACE and recommended Cymatics and other connections. I hope we’ll build a connection.


In deep gratitude,

Thank you Love!

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