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Neo… Wakey Wakey (Play)

Neo, it’s time to wake up.

Level 1
– Everything you resist in yourself or others is a reflection of unresolved pains within you – these are opportunities for freedom if you pay attention, find the source, and grieve. You’re always either doing love or fear. Fear often results from unresolved pain.
– Culture, relationships, organizations and our planet’s state of “reality” are a direct reflection of your work – every one of us.
– Today, this very moment, things are changing. We’re taking responsibility, and we’re cleaning up the muck.
– The American Dream –
– Meet Your Strawman –
– Thrive –
– Kelly –

Level 2
– Who’s at the source of our mostly-inactive genetics? Lots of muck stems from this. Wouldn’t it help to know how we got here in the first place? Research pre-biblical text references (Sumarian texts, for example) about the original flood story and genesis, and the Annunaki. Soon we will all be discussing a very different perspective on ‘history’. Meanwhile here are other good related links:

Level 3
– I Am You Are God having a Human experience.
– I Am You Are cells in the being of God – and as such embued with the power of Creation.
– We create as we Think.

Level 4
– All things are as they must be – perfect – in the fabric of Great Order
– As God, all of this is Original Choice. There’s nothing to forgive.
– There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to escape to. All Is Breathing. Reunion, Differentiation, rinse and repeat. All of the stories are simply theater playing Experience out of this eternal breathing.
– There’s nothing to do but observe, trust yourSelf, Be true to yourSelf, breathe, and give Experience away to the Earth. Your body will all dissolve into dust at some point anyway. Life is all just practice for the Ultimate Dissolution into ReUnion. You might as well live from your love, because nothing else matters. Everything else finds its way when we are each true to the GodForce within us revealed by our surrendered, clear love. If you don’t truly love it, don’t keep it, do it or be it. Just let it go. That’s all.
– Return to Level 1 or take a nap. Or have a cookie.

Have a great day 😉

On Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Do you know there are four simple distinctions, and three basic practices, that can turn just about any conflict into a productive, connecting conversation that generates easy solutions?

These skills are fantastic if you want to:

  1. Master S/self Awareness
  2. Be seen, heard and understood more easily and more often – be appreciated
  3. Get more delicious results – Negotiate in ways that work
  4. Resolve conflicts with ease
  5. Compassionately understand what makes people tick – even people who are doing things you hate
  6. Express yourself more easily and more authentically
  7. Contribute to greater global harmony and resolution

Mastery of this domain naturally leads to awareness of how Spirit manifests through our bodymind, and how unconscious issues keep that manifestation bottled up or twisted.

How can we experience a life (and a world) that’s more fun, more effective, and creates fewer negative consequences?

How can we live consciously as Spirit while still attending to the calls of the bodymind, without ignoring or dissociating from either?

For the more advanced practitioner, these skills also make up a huge portion of effective green vMeme mastery, including uncovering disintegrated aspects of the spiral that need to be integrated. This allows us to release beyond boomeritis and conduct effective shadow work catapulting more of our center of gravity into the transcendance of the 2nd tier.

This Material is Based On:

Basic Material

Intermediate Material

Advanced Material

  • Deepening Needs Consciousness*
  • Reducing Strategy Chains*
  • Healing, Grief and Release Work
  • Underlying Needs as a Face Of Spirit? Discerning between ego needs and transpersonal guidance, and attending to them in either case.*

* For materials not yet posted, or to hire a coach to practice these materials, please call toll-free 1.877.535.5438.

On AQAL – Integral Theory

What if your perspective only held one quarter the power it could hold? What if you could multiply your insight, understanding, power, and choice by knowing a simple “operating system” shortcut?

Ken Wilber’s 5 element map, commonly called AQAL (pronounced “AH-qwal”) shows us how to assimilate perspectives in complementary ways.

AQAL is an abbreviation for the 5 elements including:

  • All Quadrants
  • All Levels
  • All Lines (of development)
  • All States, and
  • All Types

Quadrants, levels, lines, states and types – whoozie whatsits?

I can’t seem to find a google video doing an AQAL intro, so I may create one soon.

Meanwhile you can find written introductions to AQAL here:

On Spiral Dynamics

What is Spiral Dynamics?  Here’s the 7-minute short, visual, felt-sense version.

Or you can get the book, here:

Spiral Dynamics : Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change (Developmental Management)

Here’s a 30min talk with Don Beck on Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics answers many questions, including:

  • Why do so many people and groups (geographical, political and interest groups) incessantly fight with each other?
  • How do these levels of human development contribute to our experience of “reality” and our experience of Grace?
  • How does “The Spiral” reveal domains of possible bodymind mastery toward a fuller embodiment of “Living as a Face of the Divine”?

You can also find many more videos about Spiral Dynamics on YouTube.

Recommended Readings, Videos, etc.

((( this page is under construction )))

  • On Don Beck and Chris Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics – Where’s your center of gravity? In which vMemes are you less integrated and masterful?
  • On 5 elements of Ken Wilber’s AQAL map – Integral Theory
  • On practical tools and 40 distinctions for
    Compassionate Communication: Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC
  • On Involution and Evolution
  • On cultivating subtle-body polarity awareness and to support yin-yang balancing (we are all both of those):  David Deida’s work
  • At the bodymind level, what are you most meant to master and embody in this lifetime? Dan Millman’s work.
  • On the power of your thoughts:  Abraham-Hicks, Think and Grow Rich
  • On healing work: shadow work, transforming anger, dissolving fear, and more. This page provides an introduction to this powerful practice.
  • On integrating best practices:  The Integrated Approach. This integrally-informed practice provides proven, powerful skills for mastering mind, body, spirit, heart, gut, action and environment, while simultaneously bridging our bodymind to experience of the Greater Self.

Facebook | Videos Posted by Jonathan Doherty: Love Until It Hurts

Who are we, as a combination of both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies and capabilities? How does this relate to living as a face of the Divine, or living life as a Sacred Practice?In this clip, Ken discusses the nature of women’s spiritual practice and suggests some of the important ways that it differs from men’s.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On Grace

I’m putting up these sections in hopes to inspire general contemplation about the nature of Grace. Scroll down for more, and please add your comments!


Ken Wilber on Grace, Surrender, Action and Personal Power

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Webpages discussing Grace

  • “Grace is defined in Scripture as something that teaches us how to live!” The page continues, saying, “Doesn’t sound like the traditional definition of grace? However, it is the Scriptural definition. Titus 2:11-12″…”This divine influence is a gift or favor of God. When God’s grace is truly working in a person’s life it will be obvious.” As a divine influence, where have you experienced Grace in your life?
  • “The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another…” This page has 27 different definitions for the word, “Grace”.

Experiencing Grace; living Grace as a state of being

What meaning do you make of these phrases?

  • An act of Grace
  • I was touched by Grace
  • the state of one who is under such divine influence

What does “Grace” mean to you?


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