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Reduce Stress – Dissolve Fear (FREEbies)

This conversation happened on my Facebook page –

Hopefully you can use these freebies for yourself!

FACEBOOK STATUS: Gail feels relieved and liberated, having successfully peeled away yet another layer of fear.


Albert Brady at 10:43pm December 3

So, how did you “peel” it off Gail? What was your method? I went though an intense layer lifting off me today as well.
I’m happy to see you are liberated my friend.

Gail Taylor at 6:14pm December 4

Method – The Integrated Approach (my method, of course) 😉 1. Hear the language of the fear 2.) translate to the core need/yearning 3.) do releasework / grieve 4.) check back to the original stimulus and see if it’s resolved. If not, sthing wasn’t done on track during steps 1-4. For more info, here’s a page with freebies:

(UPDATE – woops, broken link. Until I can get it fixed, Step-by-step self-empathy  and inhale what you yearn for, exhale the angst, inhale the yearning, exhale the angst.

HOLY!!! Have you SEEN this??

The origin of Christian bloodshed and religious fraud –
The origin of our global economic issues –
Have you SEEN this???  Have you passed it around??

This doesn’t invalidate Spirit/God/ the existence of the Divine
as an experiential phenomomena
but it does show HOW to separate out the horrors humanity has perpetrated
in the name of God
from the possibility of allowing us to be our Best Selves.

Separate doctrine / dogma – from experience and experiment –
and what we’re talking about is very, very different from “religion”.

PS:  Extra points if you’re Christian or fundamentalist and can requote the Thomas Payne quote from the middle of this movie.  Even our founding father’s knew.


Where has our integration of known intelligence gone?  Political manipulation?

What would our world look like with a cashless economy?  With alternative currencies entirely independent of banking institutions, and interest-free?

How does the contraction of fear and desire for control contort, distort, and contaminate the experience of this smorgasbord sandbox for play and experimentation that we call life?

(For more, see Holy Cr** 2 !!


“Hey, don’t worry.  Don’t be afraid ever.  Because it’s just a ride.”
“It’s just a ride, and we can change it any time we want.
No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money.
It’s just a choice right now between fear and love.”
— Zeitgeist, The Movie – Remastered / Final Edition

So curious to hear what you think after you watch this!

Exercise on Increasing Joy

Here’s an exercise I offered in one of my teleclasses toward cultivating Gratitude and Celebration. In this case, the exercise is applied to self-acknowledgement. And how many of us couldn’t use a bit more acknowledement from time to time?

For me, gratitude and celebration isn’t just about feeding my high of joy – gratitude and celebration are subtle-body life blood. If our passions, our deepest purpose, and our desire to contribute are the soul that unconsciously keep us waking up in the morning, still we need to nourish our energy cup to have the strength to continue and to press on in the face of daily challenges. As I increase my frequency of letting my subtle-body fill with the impact of my gratitude and celebrations, so too do I have increased energy and capacity to move forward, to press on, to climb even to the top of the peaks of Mount Everest.

Click here to listen – it’s about 20min long.

In hopes it serves you!

Thank you Love!

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